April Showers..a few flowers

Its been raining a lot!  and I keep waiting for flowers.  There are a few.  This little Winter Aconite  is new this year.  It took me a few years of trying to get one to grow, but now that it did I should have a much bigger clump in a few years.

In a brief interval without rain today I went out and took a few flower pictures.  Things are  just pushing their head up through the soil….but it gives me hope!

Meanwhile I decided to get these star blocks pieced together into a top.

2013_0411star-blocks0004 2013_0411star-blocks0001

I posted about these a while ago when they first arrived,  see that post here.

I have changed my email (see the sidebar on the right) the old one has eaten up most of my mail…ok I blame the account but I think I did something wrong when I did a scan a while back and changed the settings and it hasn’t worked right since.

Happy Quilting


2 thoughts on “April Showers..a few flowers

  1. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Love, love, love those stars! The colors are great too. Hi to Teddy!

    • timquilts says:

      they are really great …but I am working with them now….it is going to be a real challenge to get the points to match!…they are not very uniform in size


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