Spring Flowers and Making Sashing

It is a beautiful Spring day in Lansing Michigan.  I had to go outside and take a few pictures of the garden.

the weeping Cherry is beautiful!…I wish its flowers lasted longer.

suspension bridge sashing 016 suspension bridge sashing 014

The yard smells great because the hyacinth are blooming

suspension bridge sashing 015

Daffodils are still looking good

suspension bridge sashing 018


suspension bridge sashing 010 suspension bridge sashing 011

Species Tulips will be blooming soon

suspension bridge sashing 012 suspension bridge sashing 013

Allium are growing fast

suspension bridge sashing 009

Peony sprouting

suspension bridge sashing 008

Bleeding heart taking off

suspension bridge sashing 007

I have so much yard work to get done!  But I have been obsessed with this Suspension Bridge Quilt I have been working on.

I have three of these blocks finished.

suspension bridge variation 001

and if you remember this is the layout I am going to use

suspension sashing

So I wanted to make up some of the sashing.  My first thought was to make the sashing with the same size spikes as in the arches of the blocks.  That was not the right thing to do.  It was just too wide (and in the sample I made I sewed half of the pieces in backward)

suspension bridge sashing 023

So back to the drawing board (I don’t always get it right on the first try).  I think a good part of the fun is in figuring out how I want to do it.  I decided to go with square pieces….so using the same method, I sewed strips of fabric together.

suspension bridge sashing 003

and cut out the squares (2″) with the diagonal of the square along the seam line.

suspension bridge sashing 002

12 squares will make 1/2 of the sashing.

suspension bridge sashing 001

It helps me to line them up in the right direction before sewing together.

Next I added the center strip.  I cut that at 3″ wide.

suspension bridge sashing 004

and then I join the sashing pieces between the blocks.

suspension bridge sashing 019

I will make 12 blocks. And I will need 20 corner stones and 31 sashing pieces and that will give ma a quilt about  74″ x 97.

Here are a few more pictures of the blocks and sashing (click to enlarge)

Each block will be different fabrics and the sashing will all be the same to tie it all together.

I have a lot more to do in this!   I will draw up a pattern and post that soon

Happy Quilting and Happy Spring!


26 thoughts on “Spring Flowers and Making Sashing

  1. Sara says:

    Looking good! Nice spring yard! We’re expecting snow today……on May Day!

  2. Ann Hancock says:

    Another awesome project! Looking forward to seeing more on this one. Pretty colors.
    Fun to see all the flowers popping in the garden too.

    • timquilts says:

      I cant seem to do a simple project!……when I added up all the sashing pieces I need I almost decided to do a plain strip of fabric!….but it will be worth it….but I will need to tear myself away to get out and enjoy the garden

  3. debraspincic says:

    This is fun to watch! Your quilt looks vintage and modern at the same time.

  4. Sharon says:

    this quilt will look awesome. I also love your gardens.

  5. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Flowers are beautiful. Quilt is awesome. Missed seeing Teddy!

  6. Kathleen Campbell says:

    Wow! I like this quilt better each day. Your methods get me to thinking about how to make patterns. I am looking at Scottie dog patterns now. (think Teddy) I don’t have a plan as yet.

  7. Gerrie says:

    Tim, you need a “secret garden” area where you and Teddy can sit and quilt while enjoying the garden. These new blocks are ooh-la-la pretty!

  8. Your garden is gorgeous and you hand quilting is stunning. I really love the Suspension Bridge blocks too!

  9. Janine Huisjen says:

    What a lovely quilt to work on in the springtime. The pull between inside and outside is strong. I’ve decided that machine piecing will take priority over anything else on rainy days, but to just let it go when the weather’s like today’s. I am looking forward to quilting outside during these longer evenings, though. I’m hoping to learn a lot about gardening through your pictures this year.

    • timquilts says:

      I never thought of quilting outside…that is a great idea!….I will keep up with garden pictures as the season progresses and things get growing

  10. Regan says:

    Your garden is lovely……and I adore the wonderful smell of hyacinths! And that sashing looks fantastic!

  11. Genevieve says:

    Hello, I have just discovered your delightful blog. It was the weeping cherry that got me in (beautiful). Your suspension bridge quilt blocks look great. I’ve not heard of the name suspension bridge for a block name before. Is it perhaps your own creation? (Am I being ignorant here?)

    • timquilts says:

      Like most quilt blocks it has many names….different newspapers and publications printed the same patterns but changed the names…..this one Is Suspension Bridge from the Ladies Art Company, but was called Sunflower by the Kansas City Star, and Broken Circle by Clara Stone…and I modified the design…so it is not really any of the above, But I am still calling it Suspension Bridge because I like the name….

  12. myrosesindecember says:

    Oh Tim, your garden is exquisite,. I especially love the weeping cherry.

  13. seapunk2 says:

    Thanks for the tour. Everything’s beautiful.


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