Suspension Bridge Pattern

I drew up a pattern for the Suspension Bridge quilt I am working on.

Here is the PDF file ( suspension bridge )

Refer to the posts about it here  and  here

I have a hard time sticking with piecing for more than a few days at a time, It feels a lot like work.  So I am taking a break to get back to my real enjoyment, Hand Quilting.

whole cloth 5213 001

A few more warm days and the garden continues to grow.

Lots of work to do in the garden….weeds seem to grow no matter what

Happy Friday


Almost forgot….the real reason that people read is to see Teddy 🙂


35 thoughts on “Suspension Bridge Pattern

  1. Sara says:

    Of course, we’re all dog lovers ,too! Teddy looks so happy to be out in the yard!

  2. Kathleen Campbell says:

    Looks like Teddy got a spring haircut and he is happy.
    Thank you VERY much for the pattern which now rates you a complete file on my computer.

    • timquilts says:

      Teddy is a happy boy when he gets to go out in the sun…..for short periods of time…he actually gets sunburn. he has a haircut scheduled for Saturday…this is a picture from last spring….but I love how happy he looks!
      and I feel very honored to have a file on your computer!

  3. Your Teddy almost looks like he’s smiling in this photo. He’s a real cutie. Thanks for sharing your suspension bridge pattern. I must have a go. BTW, as much as I love Teddy I do like to see what you’re working on too.

  4. I’m really loving the suspension bridge. It’s nice work! I do come here for Teddy 🙂

    • timquilts says:

      I had fun making this one so far…..but I might be a few days before I finish!….the beautiful weather is calling me outdoors ….and Teddy says thanks!

  5. Connie Johnson says:

    Thank you for the pattern. You’re so generous. Your patterns will go into one of my many quilt folders. I think of myself as more of a cat person, but I do look forward to seeing Teddy. Such a sweetie !

  6. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Thanks for the pattern and insight on construction. You and Teddy are both bright stars in my life. I do look forward to my “Teddy” fix every day. When I don’t hear from you daily, I wonder….what are those two up too?? Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kat says:

    Thank you for the pattern pd !! 🙂
    It’s now on the to do list !

  8. Dang …that is one cute pup. Almost as cute as my one-eyed Toto-ish
    Grandpup. LOL I am definitely going to try the suspension bridge!!!
    Thank you so much, Tim… 😀

  9. Your Teddy is so cute!! Oh, and thanks for the pattern….so generous of you to share.

    • timquilts says:

      I told Teddy today that he is getting to be a famous dog…He didn’t seem to interested in that…just laid on his back and asked for a tummy scratch

  10. myrosesindecember says:

    Teddy is so cute! Pat him for me please. Thanks for the pattern. Not sure I will take on anything so complex but I will save the pattern,

  11. Michele Gailey says:

    Thanks Tim for making up the pattern for us. This quilt has been on my to-do list for ages. I saw an antique quilt and fell in love with it. No pattern name. Finally I found the block design. I’m glad that I haven’t started it yet, as I absolutely love your construction method. That will save me hours of’re so clever. I am so impressed when innovative people come up with these wonderful ways to make quilts that save so much time or make block construction simplier. My brain doesn’t think like that, I guess. Many thanks. I think my version of this quilt just moved up to the top of the to-do list! Michele

    • timquilts says:

      I am so glad that I was able to do it!….its been on my mind forever and I finally sat down and worked it out…..I hope that it works out for you!! and I would love to see what you make!

    • Sharon Eshlaman says:

      I’m with you, Michele. My mind does’t work to come up with new, innovative ways for old processes either. That’s why Tim really needs to do a book – please Tim?

  12. Susan says:

    what do you use to wash teddy so that his white fur stays white? My dog’s muzzle get that red tinge and I can’t find anything to get the red gone.

    • timquilts says:

      He was a lot whiter when he was younger….and I used to use whitening shampoo but he has very sensitive skin and that really dried him out….so he gets gentle shampoo now but a bath once a week….I also understand that the food makes a difference, He get organic dog food with no dye in it and now rawhide chews with and dye (those orange/brown ones are bad)….one thing I notice is that he looks whiter in pictures…I think it is the light reflection

  13. Kathi says:

    I love hand quilting much more than piecing them… I am already thinking of how to quilt my next quilt! Haven’t even cut into it yet! LOL Kathi

  14. Dawn Fox Cooper says:

    Too right!! Teddy really is the star. Lucky he has a competent PA to manage his admiring fans.

  15. Babara says:

    Love the garden photos to but how do you handle the deer and rabbits? Teddy a big help in that area?

    • timquilts says:

      no deer in the city…I am in a very urban area, the rabbits can be a pain, but fortunately there arent many! I am trying to make Teddy understand that it is his job to chase them away…but he is usually not out in the yard when they are….the do the damage at night…so I do have cages around things

  16. Victoria says:

    Thanks, Tim, for the pattern. Got the pattern cut out and ready to go!

  17. […] As you probably can tell if you have followed my blog for very long I have a hard time working on only one thing.  The whole cloth quilt that I have been working on the last few days is looking closer to finish but I needed a break so I went back to some piecing today.  For those who have not been following that long  I started the Suspension Bridge quilt here ( and here ( and the pattern is here ( […]


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