Hand Quilting Makes the Quilt

I have been working on hand quilting  the top I made from vintage fan blocks.  I hung it up today to get a look at it and I am very pleased.  I never ceases to amaze me what a difference some hand quilting can make.  This is a what I have done so far….1/9th of the total.

6-2-13 024

I always start in the center and quilt out to the edges.  Here is the back.

6-2-13 026

and here are some more pictures (click to enlarge)

I have been doing a bit of applique on the antique blocks that I posted about earlier (https://timquilts.com/2013/05/13/red-and-white-applique-blocks/)  I have finished one

Here it is pinned to the fan quilt. (this one was partially finished before I started and I am surprised to see that the part I did is a lot more uniform and neater than the part the original maker did.)

6-2-13 025

It seems like there is something new every day in the garden so here is another bunch of pictures (click to enlarge)

Happy Sunday


18 thoughts on “Hand Quilting Makes the Quilt

  1. Kristen says:

    Oh goodness, you; you must be feeling better, you’re quilting at warp speed!

  2. Teresa says:

    Hi Tim,
    We have a lot in common, I too love hand quilting but I’m just a beginner and my lines are not as straight nor my quilting so perfect. My pet is a 2 year old black mini Schnauzer and I love traditional quilts.
    Hugs from Portugal,

    • timquilts says:

      Keep at it and your lines and stitches will improve with practice! When I started I had to mark everything to get straight lines but Now I can usually just do it by eye but it took a lot of time
      …..give your little Schnauzer a big hug from me 🙂

  3. karen says:

    hand quilting does make the quilt but I hate to say it but I need to machine quilt straight lines on a couple of my smaller quilts so I can catch up – I have made too many tops and want finished tops – I will always hand quilt but will have to compromise to get all done

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks!….I was going to use plain muslin for the backing but then I saw that I had enough of the light blue gingham which is a much better quality fabric than the muslin I had….I am loving the look but the downside is that its slower quilting because the fabric is tighter…..but it will make for a better quilt

  4. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    As always, you put a smile on my face. Thanks.

  5. gardnerpam6 says:

    thanks for the post-looking at your quilts and flowers always makes me happy

  6. Kathy says:

    Tim, thanks for sharing. I have only been quilting for about three years and have learned so much from your blog, which I stumbled upon when I was searching the net for some help with hand quilting a vintage top. I really don’t like doing the piecing but have a nice collection of vintage tops to keep me busy . I really like to finish the tops into quilts.i like the backing you choose for this top.

    • timquilts says:

      I am not a big fan of piecing either!…..its so much more fun to do the quilting…..and I am so glad to hear that you are quilting vintage tops…..I dont believe that any quilter ever intended to make a top and not quilt it so its great to finish that work up for them

  7. Victoria says:

    Oh what would I do without my steady “Timquilts” fix?! LOL!!

    Tim, I am really curious to see how you quilt the edges that can’t stay in the hoop when you get to them. Please chronicle that process on your site when you get to it. Thanks!



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