Today Is mulch day. I like to mulch my flower beds.  Mulch helps to keep down the weeds and hold in the moisture and it looks good.

I had 4 yards of mulch delivered yesterday for the back yard.  A yard of mulch is one cubic yard 3’x3’x3′.  Most big box stores sell mulch in 2 cubic foot bags so a yard of mulch is 13.5 bags,  so I got 52 bags worth.

garden 7-4-13 001

I am using Red Pine bark mulch.  It is much more finely ground than hardwood, and I like the look better.  I also like it better because it decomposes more rapidly and works to add organic matter to the soil.  It is also acidic and the soil in my area is alkaline and I am always happy to lower the pH.  I would like it to be about 6.8 but it always seems to get up to 7.5 or more.

I got the back yard finished and here is the leftover pile that will be used up in the front yard.

garden 7-4-13 005

Here are some pictures of the garden (click to enlarge)

Something Quilts next time

Happy 4th!


14 thoughts on “Mulching

  1. Sara says:

    Looks great! We put cedar mulch around our house, seems to help keep the Japanese beetles and the millipedes away! Doesn’t help keep the opossums, the raccoons and skunks or deer away, though!

  2. Ann Hancock says:

    Everything is looking splendid Tim. I like the look of that pine bark, too. Mulching is like dressing the garden up for a party! And WOW, that Seven Sisters rose is looking amazing….how old is that plant?
    Happy Fourth!

  3. Bet you’ve got some sore muscles after shovelling all that mulch! Garden looks so lovely – beautiful reward for all your hard work.

    • timquilts says:

      Not too sore yet….usually its the next day when it really shows…..but some physical labor is good …quilting is work, but doesn’t burn off many calories 😉

  4. May Olson says:

    Your lovely yard looks like a tall glass of iced tea and a hammock…..I do love mulch also.Here in the Desert the leaves of my plants are starting to look like potato chips!

    • timquilts says:

      wow that is too bad…..I hate to see plants dry up like that….been very lucky so far this year…I have not had to water anything yet (except the pots) the rain has been pretty frequent

  5. ashley828 says:

    Your garden looks great! I really like your guardian! 🙂 We’re not supposed to use wood mulch around Middle Tennessee because termites are apparently bad around here, but I think some people still do. Did Teddy inspect the mulch like he does with the quilts? 😉

    • timquilts says:

      I guess every part of the country is different…..makes sense if its a termite issue but that sure would make it hard to garden…..Teddy didnt seem to be interested in the mulch….so he just spent the afternoon rolling in the grass

  6. Siobhan says:

    We got 36 bags of mulch right before it started to rain…and rain…and rain! Have only been able to spread half of it between the thunder and lightning. I use pine straw out back but that only lasts one season where the mulch lasts two…love you garden guardian…would it help keep away deer? If so I need one!

    • timquilts says:

      🙂 ….Well I have no deer in my garden so it must be working….however I live in the downtown area so there are no deer……must be hes protecting the whole area


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