Maple Leaf Quilt Top

Just when you thought I had more than enough quilt tops I got another.

The pattern is Maple Leaf

Maple elaf

It might be difficult to see in the picture but the fabric is chrome yellow.

Now dating the fabric is a bit of a challenge.  The design and color first appears in Eileen Trestain’s book “Dating Fabrics A color Guide 1800 – 1960” in the 1830 – 1860 section (page 66) However   Ely and Walker Had a mid 20th century line of fabric called “Quaker Chintz” and this was also one of the fabrics in that line that were produced into the early 80’s.  here is a great article about the fabrics

Which ever it is I do know this in fairly old (or older than me)  Here are some pictures of the  fabric (click pictures to enlarge)

I have another quilt top in the maple leaf pattern but different setting


I was taking pictures of the maple leaf quilt top and  had to hang up the thousand pyramids and take a few more pictures of it….

cone and maple 029

It is different in that the pyramids are pointing right…rather than up as in the one I quilted a while back


or this other top


Here are some pictures of the top and the fabrics (click pictures to enlarge)

And here are some pictures of the floral design the students made last night in the floral design class I teach.

Its another day in the 90’s with no rain!

Stay cool!


13 thoughts on “Maple Leaf Quilt Top

  1. Sara says:

    Darn, don’t you hate when that happens! LOL!
    You really need to get that yellow one done for the coming fall, it’ll be here before you know it! The pink one should be in the near future also, so very nice and I like how they are grouped in a 4 patch!

  2. Sharon in Michigan says:

    Lovely quilts. My fav is the pyramid trimmed in red. Where has Teddy been? I miss him.

  3. May Olson says:

    Golly when I think you have shown us a whole lot of amazing stuff you come up with something else! You rock:)I am beginning to feel inadequate but in a hurry and get it done sorta way so I can start a new project. I really appreciate your talent.

  4. gardnerpam6 says:

    I love the new maple leaf quilt and the colors-the maple leaf is one pf my favorites. no rain here either and in the 90’s-feels like 100. One more day and it’s supposed to break and rain!

  5. Teri Powers says:

    Thanks for the link for more info about the fabric. I also loved the close up of the leaves to see that it was small dense print. I love learning from you everyday.

  6. David Shattuck says:

    I remember that chrome yellow fabric being available in the mid-70’s. Small scale calico’s were about all that was available in 100% cotton.


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