Sunny Saturday

Another sunny day…..last night I had high hopes for rain, (the forecast was for thunderstorms) but the rain passed by with less than 10 drops.  Looks like I will need to water some more.  At least the temperature is lower and the heat index warning has expired.   Here are a few garden pictures (click to enlarge)

I taught the students to make bouquets in class on Thursday

7-20-13 001 7-20-13 002 7-20-13 004

And I got back to work on one of the many hand quilting projects then are in line to be finished

7-20-13 005 7-20-13 006

Have a great Weekend


12 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  1. Victoria says:

    looks like you’re working on the edge of this one. I tell you I just love “safety pin” basting since learning about it from you. What batting are you using for this one? It looks like it’s going to be cuddly soft

    • timquilts says:

      I am working on the edges so It should only be a few more days to finish….the batting on this one is Natures Touch 100% cotton… is very easy to hand quilt, and I like to use cotton on these 30’s fabrics because it will give a nice crinkle look when washed

  2. Victoria says:

    P.S. LOVE! the garden pics, too! Looks like something out of a gardening magazine

  3. Sharon in Michigan says:

    Quilt and garden looks great. We got an inch and a half in Galesburg last night/early morning. I guess we could have shared it with your garden.

  4. Sara says:

    Trivia question of the day…do you know how many different plants are growing in your yard?

  5. 50andliving says:

    Your flowers are incredible, as are your quilts. Very talented man!

  6. antarabesque says:

    Fabulous flowers! Nice to revisit summer as Canadian Thanksgiving approaches.


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