A little hand quilting

I am continuing to work on hand quilting the suspension bridge quilt.    It has a lot of quilting so it is not going fast, but I am making progress.

8-4-13 014

Here is how I do the half square triangles in the sashing .

I start at one end of the row

8-4-13 002

then I quilt up the triangle to the point and then back down again to the base

8-4-13 003

then I travel the needle to the next triangle, the needle goes between the top and the backing and comes back out in the next triangle

8-4-13 006

then that triangle is done the same away and I keep going to the end.

8-4-13 011

now I go back and quilt the bottom in a straight line…still traveling the needle between the layers from triangle to triangle.

8-4-13 012

This way I never have to sew through a seam.  Sewing through a seam is harder because there is an additional 2layers of fabric. or more where the seams meet up, I do my quilting stitches inside the seam allowances and it makes the quilting a lot easier.

It is difficult to get a good picture of the quilting

8-4-13 014

it is a bit easier to see it from the back

8-4-13 015 8-4-13 016 8-4-13 017

I am almost done with one block and its surrounding sashing.   It is a 12 block quilt so It will be a while before it is done

Happy Quilting


24 thoughts on “A little hand quilting

  1. Sharon in Michigan says:

    You must have been reading my mind because I was just thinking to myself it had been a couple of days since your last post. Beautiful job. You never cease to amaze.

  2. Mardee Dowdy says:

    You do such beautiful work. I really love looking at your projects even though the vintage pieces aren’t much to my taste! Sorry if you’ve (surely) posted these tidbits already, but I’m wondering if the leafy vibe motif in the smashing is free hand or a pattern, and do you ever mark? I don’t recall seeing any tops marked. Thanks.

  3. Mardee Dowdy says:

    Oh good grief auto-correct-not! Guess you’ll figure out what I meant! LOL

  4. Michelle says:

    Thank you for explaining how you’re quilting the triangle sashing. I would have quilted each one individually, but your way is so much faster! I learn all kinds of cool hand quilting tips from you!!! 🙂

  5. Carla says:

    Great tip, Tim! This is another great quilt!

  6. Rose says:

    You’re quilting is so amazing. I love your blog posts.

  7. gardnerpam6 says:

    when you get your vintage tops most of them don’t look that good to me, but once you begin quilting them I change my mind. That is the mark of an artist!

  8. audrey says:

    It’s so interesting to see how you travel with your stitching, making the most efficient use of your time and thread. I always start out so slow and then gradually figure out how to save time.:)

  9. Lisa Mikel says:

    Your quilt is amazing Tim! I love vintage quilts. The fabrics, colors and sashing are gorgeous. The hand quilting is fabulous. Great job!

  10. Sandra says:

    Hello Tim, love to see your quilts.

    bye, Sandra (OmaSan)

  11. Helen F says:

    One word sums up your quilting – “STUNNING”!!!! I never get tired of looking at it!

  12. K. Johnson says:

    Just beautiful!!!! I love your color choices! Looks like a show winner to me!

  13. antarabesque says:

    Just a little? Beautiful, as always.


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