More Corduroy Quilting

Corduroy  quilting continues. Corduroy top and backing, 80/20 cotton batting, perle cotton thread, hand quilted.    Here are some pictures front and Back (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy has tested it out so I have his approval to continue.

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “More Corduroy Quilting

  1. Sharon in Michigan says:

    Thanks for my “Teddy” fix. He’s a keeper.

  2. Francie says:

    OMG….you are going to have Popeye fingers!!!!! LOL

  3. Florence says:

    Teddy, the star, on the red carpet! Quilting on corduroy must require extra effort.

  4. bjmonitas says:

    Our cats would love this quilt too. That’s for sure! And its absolutely understandable cats and dogs or dogs and cats know when something is made with heeps of love. Your Corduroy-Quilt is one of this kind!!! Kindest bjmonitas


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