Something old, something new

I am on a roll working toward finishing my whole cloth quilt.  Sorry if this gets old but I’m pretty much only working in it until I finish.  Here are some pictures of it today.  you can see the areas that still need more quilting.  I took a few pictures of the back, but the fabric makes it very difficult to get a good picture.  Anyway click the pictures to enlarge.

So now for something new.  I recently got a new vintage/antique quilt top.  This bear paw top was made by 2 different people.  If you look at it you can see there are 2 different white fabrics used in the sashing and 2 different pink fabrics in some of the blocks on the left.  The whiter white and lighter pink are much newer so at some point someone tried to finish the top that was started years before.

8-22-13 001

It has some real construction problems.  It is not very flat or square, it has some puckers and parts don’t line up well.  I think I will likely take it apart by removing all the sashing, give the individual blocks a good pressing, square them up, and then re sash them.   I think it will be a great quilt when it is done.  here are some more pictures (click to enlarge)

Happy Quilting


20 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. Teri Powers says:

    Love your quilting. Also love the bear paw. Any date or history of where it came from?

    • timquilts says:

      as with the majority of the quilt tops I buy…it is totally anonymous …hard to date solids….I think 1930 could be close, seller is from TX, but no way to know for sure that it came from there first

  2. Sara says:

    AQS might as well save you the trouble of entering the whole cloth quilt and just send the ribbon to you right now. LOL!
    The bear paw pattern is a great design for some interesting quilting, can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Pam Gagnier says:

    Your whole cloth quilt is absolutely spectacular! If you do trunk shows, I would love to coordinate a trip to Mich to see one.

  4. kathi says:

    DON’T apologize– it’s never “old” to see great quilting (not to mention your adorable quilt inspector!!). always look forward to seeing your progress – your work is such an inspiration!

  5. audrey says:

    Your wholecloth quilt is incredible! You have done a tremendous amount of work and it shows.:) Great bear paw quilt too. Love the colors.

  6. bjmonitas says:

    the quilt top has something, but only people with heeps of passion would try to restore and repair it. BTW I love your new background! kindest bjmonitas

    • timquilts says:

      I hope to get that restored some time soon,,,it should not be too much work I hope…it is all hand stitches and that is easy stitching to remove…..
      glad you like the background…I thought that the color would be good 😉

  7. Carla says:

    Third times a charm, glad that new top finally got to you, it now has a good chance at getting finished!

  8. Hi, Tim! Your work is exquisite. I am going to be quilting a whole-cloth quilt soon – a commercially marked one, I haven’t your artistic talent! I am curious about why you quilt a large grid and then came back and quilt the smaller grid. Is there a specific reason? And do you baste your quilt sandwich before quilting?

    • timquilts says:

      I pin baste the whole thing, but I dont use very many pins….do the large grid and basic quilting first, removing the pins as I go…then after it is all done that way it is easier to go back and do the heavier quilting without any basting to get in the way, and no worries about any puckering….I just find it a lot easier…and I get to see the quilt looking more finished faster…

  9. Marie says:

    Tim you quilting is exquisite …….I love the whole cloth. Absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the journey of the bear paw. Have a great day!

  10. Kristen says:

    Great Bear Paw — two paws up for that. I also like the corduroy as your background.


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