Plans and Garden

I have been stitching away on my whole cloth quilt. Hand quilting gives me a lot of time to think….and I have been trying to plan what I am going to do with the fabrics I recently purchased.

aqs loot gr 2013 008

I have changed my mind a million times…here are a few of my first thoughts

newnew test  dwr.newdwr

but what about these…..

The Flower Ring Round the Twist Blazing Star CONSTELLATION

I could drive myself crazy trying to make up my mind.  I think I will just keep thinking about it until I finish the one I am working on….and plan another few dozen options.  I will know what to do when I am ready to start.  Part of the process for me is to spend a lot of time thinking about it and not rush or be influenced by what others think….it needs to feel right to me or I just can’t get into it.

Here are some more Garden pictures (click to enlarge)


Happy Quilting


13 thoughts on “Plans and Garden

  1. Kathi says:

    Love the first design you are thinking of the most to showcase the beautiful fabrics you are using… will love to see what your final decision is… I solve a lot of my issues that would become bigger by just quilting through them 🙂 I love hand quilting but I do not enjoy the piecing process as you do.

    Congrats on a new driveway thanks to great workmanship on that blissful quilt! Nice to have something tangible with your winnings 🙂

    Have a wonderful labor day weekend! Kathi

  2. Design Main says:

    I vote for constellation from Barbara Blackman Congrats on the cash as well as the notice. You will LOVE your new driveway!

    Sent from my iPad Please excuse typos and anything else that is idiotic. All iPad’s doing, not mine

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m a new follower and I’ve sat back and enjoyed your blog without commenting but today’s the day I stop lurking. You’re a very prolific quilter and should be very, very proud of your AQS win. I can be a bit indecisive too – about lots and lots of things. I’ve always accepted it but now I embrace it. Love the garden and share your passions. Thanks for sharing all of your hobbies with us.

    Melissa in Southern California

  4. gardnerpam6 says:

    I love the B. Brackman design. I have lots of outdoor work to do. Unfortunately things are starting to die but this will not be the last pruning and weeding of the year.

  5. I can see your favourites coming out in your choices. Linking blocks and sawtooths.

  6. myrosesindecember says:

    I will be anxious to see what you decide to do with that glorious batik. Your garden is so beauitiful. If ever you want some Cleome seeds just let me know. We have tons of them growing here and they never fail to come back. I loaded about 10 more fabrics onto my Etsy tonight. I am so weary of irioning, photographing, editing, writing up the description – well, you know the drill. Where is that Quilting fairy when you need her, to come along and take it all? Maybe Teddy can help you choose which pattern to use. Pat him for me please.

  7. Helen F says:

    I luuuv the first design and the purple and blue one! Perhaps Miss Pomegranate and Chintz could do them as template sets with your permission of course!! (As I do really luuuv the purple one!!)

    • timquilts says:

      the designs are all from traditional patterns so I think that they are fair game…All I did was put them together to see more than one block at a time…and rearrange the colors


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