Giddap 2

A few days ago I got the Giddap quilt top in the mail.  If you recall the listing had this picture, and it didn’t look like Giddap at all.


The pattern from the Kansas City Star looked like this.

Giddap KC Star 7 18 31

here is what he looked like hanging the right direction


I had every intention of leaving it the way it was, but I just had to fix him a little.  He was looking a bit Picasso for my taste…so I moved a few of the blocks


He is still far from correctly pieced, but I am going to leave it as it is now.  I will need to add some borders to make it full-sized.

Yesterday I got another vintage top.  I plan to use it to make the borders for Giddap.  The top looks pretty good from the front.

giddap fixed 006
Sometimes I see a quilt top and the price is good and I can’t help buying it, even though I know it is too good to be true.  In this case someone washed the top and putting a quilt top in the washing machine is always a mistake!  Once they are quilted all the raw edges of the fabric are protected and will not fray.  If a top is just too dirty to handle before quilting it should be gently soaked and air-dried to prevent this kind of fraying.

giddap fixed 008

giddap fixed 009

In addition to all the loose threads some of the seams have disintegrated so much that they are open.

giddap fixed 013

They really can’t be sewed back together without making a huge pucker in the top because the seam would need to go 1/4 inch in from the edge of whatever is left of the fabric.

All that being said I think there is enough good parts left on this to make a decent border for Giddap, and I think it fit with the crazy scrappy look.

It will have to wait for another day, I need to get back to trapunto work!

wholecloth-9-15-13 012

Happy Quilting


11 thoughts on “Giddap 2

  1. Sara says:

    I know about washing the tops, some people think they are doing you a favor by washing them! That fabric will be a great choice for that little Giddap.

  2. Tina J says:

    I love this whole clothe quilt-the quilting is amazing. Poor Giddap, he does look a little picaso, but I know you will make him look adorable in the end. I do have a question for you, do you ever make a quilt from the beginning or do you just work with vintage quilts. I seem to find quilts and want to finish them, it seems so sad for the top to be out there and not finished. My friends keep calling me the quilt whisperer, but I think that might be your namesake!

  3. Sharon in Galesburg MI says:

    The whole cloth is amazing and another winner. The top to be used for borders of the giddap is a real mess – yuk 😦

    • timquilts says:

      it really is not a mess….most of it is great, and the fabrics are really great

      • Sharon in Galesburg MI says:

        Tim, I’m sure you are right. I guess I’m seeing the glass half empty rather than half full. I decided to start a quilt from a kit I had purchased in Cadillac a couple of months ago. I was thrilled to get it and it was on sale too. How good is that??!! I got it out today only to find the top is made by using 310 Y seams!! I can’t tell you how Y seams scare the
        ba-jeebers out of me. Time to learn something new 🙂 I just don’t have the patience like you do.

  4. LeeAnn says:

    Your Giddap quilt is wonderful, and will be even better with borders from the other quilt.

  5. Kathy Johnston says:

    The Giddap is one happy Ass now. I was watching that and going to bid but missed the end of auction, I’m glad you have it .The other quilt top will make a great addition for a boarder. I learned the hard way about washing tops I once bought one that was so dirty and smelly I put it in the washer and it come out almost in pieces. Now if I get one that is too dirty I just give it a quick soak in the sink. The whole cloth is just amazing after I get a few more quilted tops under my belt I might have to try one.


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