Getting close to the end

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the Trapunto work on my whole cloth quilt.   I will be working on it exclusively until I finish.

Once it get it done I will go back to the Red thread  big stitch whole cloth

slik batt whole cloth 010

And then on to a Christmas quilt.

I have it all planned and will be using a vintage table-cloth

7-30-13 007

I will add borders to it and then hand quilt with gold thread.

I did get out to the garden yesterday and took a few pictures. Click pictures to enlarge.

The Toad lily is starting to bloom (it is pretty late this year)

The Beauty Berry is loaded with beautiful purple berries

Ferns, Zinnias and Celocia and fuchsia still looking good

I cut a bunch of hydrangea to dry for use in Christmas designs later in the year

10-9-13 019

Now back to work on trapunto


Happy Quilting


27 thoughts on “Getting close to the end

  1. Sara says:

    You’ll get it done! Just think what an accomplishment it will be when it is done!

  2. Your trapunto quilting is just amazing!

  3. Kathleen Campbell says:

    Good Morning and Thanks for sharing. i am looking forward to the big stitch, also. really like your idea regarding the Christmas quilt.

  4. Diane says:

    How do you dry your hydrangea?

    • timquilts says:

      I just cut them late in the season, just before they start to turn brown, and put them in a bucket (no water) and they air dry…if you cut them too soon they just wilt

      • Diane says:

        Guess that’s my problem.I always cut them at their peak.I’ll wait a bit longer next time

      • timquilts says:

        it is really tempting to cut them too early, they really dry beautifully if you resist and wait until late in the fall, my problem is remembering to cut them before it is too late and they turn brown

  5. carmen says:

    Your work is simply stunning, Tim! I live in Grand Rapids, but was not able to get to the show…my loss for sure!
    Trap unto is one of my favorite techniques; you present it beautifully. I will look forward to more of your work…especially the vintage tablecloth quilt!

  6. antarabesque says:

    Another winner, Tim. Are you going to attempt an AQS repeat?
    I love the Toad Lilies, such pretty colours.

  7. Lu Ann Brown says:

    So glad I stumbled onto you yesterday! I love hand quilting and gardening too – look forward to your posts and thank you for sharing:)

  8. Susan says:

    So glad you have gotten the last wind to finish this amazing quilt… have great preservation.

  9. glendajean says:

    Hi Tim many thanks for the return mail and chat from you, love your quilt and your garden, because you like flowers and the garden I have included my blog address as I think you would enjoy looking at my wild garden completely different to yours as I live on the edge of the tropical wet rain forest. Once again thanks so much for sharing and your reply which I did enjoy. Cheers Glenda. Australia. Glenda Jean Hepburn

  10. Just catching up after my holiday – your trapunto work is stunning!

  11. Amie says:

    I keep coming back to your red thread big stitch wholecloth. Its so gorgeous! I just got a mini and a lapsize wholecloth top. My first ever. I love your red thread one better than any Ive seen. Could you tell me what thread, batt, needle..the works please??


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