Metalic Thread

Yesterday I posted about a Christmas Quilt I am making with a vintage table-cloth.

table cloth 2013 005

Even though it will be a quilt I plan to use it as a tablecloth.  I normally use a batting with a some thickness, but for a table-cloth I like a flatter batting.  In this case I am using Hobb’s Thermore.  Flatter is nicer for a table I find.

table cloth 2013 004

I haven’t used this before and when I was basting the quilt I had my doubts about it….it has a much different feel than cotton or wool.

Now that I have started stitching I give it a thumbs up.  It is easy to stitch through and that is just what I needed for the thread I am using.

gold thread 001

This gold and black metallic thread will fray and shred pretty easily if you fight with it too much so a thin batting is a big help, as is a large eyed needle.  The thread has a lot of texture as well and the Thermore batting is better for that because  it is so well bonded. With a looser batting the threads coarseness would likely pull the fibers through and bring fuzz out to the top.

Here are a few pictures of the start of quilting

gold thread 004 gold thread 005

I will be working on it more soon, but now I am going back to the red thread project

red perle #8

I am getting close to half way on this one.  The Hobb’s Tuscany silk batting is a dream to quilt.

??????????????????????????????? gold thread 010

I have had several people ask to see the back….and it looks the same as the front but here it is

gold thread 011

Happy Quilting


12 thoughts on “Metalic Thread

  1. Sara says:


  2. Espirational says:

    I love to work with metallic thread! The gold looks perfect for this project.

  3. curiosity you use beeswax when hand quilting with metallic thread..I do

  4. Pat says:

    I am doing a piano runner quilting with black thread on black background. I am having a real problem with the batting pulling through and the resulting fuzz. Is there a way to prevent that? Also, is it possible to buy a black batting in case I ever do another black or navy quilt–which is likely. Thanks for your posts and tips.

    • timquilts says:

      Black is hard to deal with because of that fuzz…Hobbs does make a black batting that would be helpful for what you are doing. I am not sure how the black border on this one will behave when I get to it, but this type of batting should keep the fuzz down

  5. Rita Ferber says:

    OMG! Is the red all hand quilted!? That is remarkable! I have done a bit of hand quilting with ladies at my church but never have I seen that amount of saturation in a hand quilted piece. It looks amazing! I’m totally gobsmacked!


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