Now for the border

I finished hand quilting the center and now I am working on the border. You can see in the upper left corner that I am doing a simple line design for the border.

adding borders 002 adding borders 003

In order to quilt the border more easily in my hoop I am pinning a towel to the edge in order to hold it in the hoop securely .

adding borders 009 adding borders 008

It wont be long now !

More pictures here (click to enlarge)

Next time I will show how I bind it

Happy Quilting


19 thoughts on “Now for the border

  1. myrosesindecember says:

    Tim, this is truly beautiful.

  2. You must be very proud of your work. It’s beautiful.
    does the back look as perfect?

  3. fanfan 64 says:

    quelle patience, et qu’est que c’est beau !!!

  4. Laura Gottlieb says:

    The border with straight lines makes a wonderful comtrast with all the curvy feathers. Good choice!

  5. Sara says:

    Outstanding! That sure is a keeper! (Oh, I forgot, they are ALL keepers!)

  6. James says:

    Just had a lightbulb moment here – pin the edges to a towel to fit it into the hoop. Brilliant; thank you for sharing that! Your work is beautiful – very inspiring.

  7. Francie says:

    Tim, you must get tired of hearing how fabulous your quilts are…well get used to it! The border is the perfect foil to all the feathers. LOVE IT!!

  8. Thanks for the towel idea. Can’t wait to implement it. Your quilt continues to amaze me.

  9. Karin Peirce says:

    absolutely incredible, and the elegant border really sets off the swirling bits. Bravo!

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