Another new antique

I have another antique top to share.  This one was/is actually a finished quilt but without any batting and just enough quilting to hold the top to the backing.

strip quilt 018

You can see one of my stacks of quilt tops there on the right of the picture…all will be hand quilted some day…

The top has a great array of fabrics that I would date to about 1870 or so.  It has been used and the edges are worn so it is separating from the backing.

strip quilt 027 strip quilt 028 strip quilt 029

there are a few pieces that have come apart as well

strip quilt 006

I have to decide what to do with it…I could patch and re-bind it and leave it as it is….or I could take the top off and add batting then re quilt.   It is about 85″ square so it is a good-sized quilt.  I will post about it again when I decide what I want to do with it.

Here are some fabric close-ups.

I have another top from the 1800’s that I will be working on soon.  This one is a commission and I will be hand quilting it soon.  it is a beautiful quilt top and I will do a full post about it soon….here is a preview of one block

10-31-13 007

Teddy decided to pose again today after I hung the quilt…here he is on my chair

strip quilt 033 strip quilt 034 strip quilt 035

Happy Quilting


23 thoughts on “Another new antique

  1. myrosesindecember says:

    Oh Tim, I think this is my favorite of all your antique/vintage quilts. What a gorgeous selection of fabrics, and all in the subtle tones I so love. Will you keep this one or offer it for sale? If the latter, please keep me in mind,

  2. Sharon in Galesburg MI says:

    I love the fabrics in this one. They’re gorgeous! It appears the Inspector is on duty 🙂 By chance is Teddy sitting behind you at the computer when you’re shopping on ebay, coaxing you on to purchase these beautiful tops? Apparently he knows what colors enhance his appearance.

  3. Sue Maddox says:

    I’m now suffering a severe case of quilt envy, but thank you so much (I think) for showing your beautiful quilt top.

  4. Connie says:

    Love rhe assortment of fabrics in this one. So much of it appares to be fussy cut. (I’m sure they had some other term for it back then.) the maker certainly had an eye for color and detail. Fantastic find!

  5. Pam G. says:

    What an awesome quilt! I think these pics of Teddy are my favorite – he is just so sweet.

  6. sewfrench says:

    You come up with the most interesting quilts. And your speed amazes me.
    Do you mind sharing which, and where, do you have quilts entered next ? I want to be forewarned and tno to enter there…. LOL Just kidding! I don’t enter, I just admire and drool!!

    • timquilts says:

      Well the next one I have entered one in AQS in Phoenix….dont know yet if they accepted it….and I will be entering 2 in AQS Lancaser, and also Paducah and then I will have to see hwere the next one is….there are a total of 7 and I want to enter them all

  7. Kristen says:

    Those are just precious and excellent fabrics in that one — someone had a very good eye (and collection of pieces).

    • timquilts says:

      the condition of this one isn’t great so it will not hold up to heavy quilting, but the assortment of fabrics is so nice that I can appreciate it for that , and not plan to use it much as a functional quilt

  8. Francie says:

    Hi Tim, just reading some of the comments…and looking forward to seeing the quilts you will have in Lancaster!! We go every March for the show…saw your “Tree” quilt there (a beauty). The latest quilt almost looks modern in design….cool. I am sure you will turn that one into a coveted jewel too. 😀

  9. NikkiM says:

    I really like this quilt! Teddy missed his vocation! He is a natural!

  10. Lisa says:

    I don’t remember how I stumbled upon your site, but I decided to follow. I must say when receiving your email/updates it is one of the most refreshing highlights of my day. I enjoy seeing your progress as you finish a quilt. Beautiful quilting and quilts! I love your new antique strip quilt and Teddy too.

  11. Jan Masenthin says:

    I love this quilt and I love what you do with them. I’m kind of considered a weirdo in the two guilds I belong to because I take apart and remake old quilts, tops, blocks, etc. but no matter what others think, I keep on doing it and loving it. I wish there was a show for only restored and/or rescued quilts. Keep on stitching.

    • timquilts says:

      Wow Jan I wish there was a show for that as well!….keep on doing it…the old things deserve to be saved!!…glad to hear that you do , even if some people think we are wierd 😉

  12. antarabesque says:

    Gorgeous fabrics on the strip quilt. Another very special find.


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