Fall Clean up

One part of gardening that is less than fun is clean up.  It is a lot easier to cut things down in the fall than to wait until spring when they are all snow flattened and wet, so today I spent some time cutting down the back garden

11-9-13 025

It sort of looks empty

11-9-13 024

but there is still a lot of beauty (click pictures to enlarge)

Front yard tomorrow

or maybe some more quilting 😉

Happy Fall


10 thoughts on “Fall Clean up

  1. Pam Gardner says:

    I can’t believe you still have some roses! I love the beauty berries-I have two large bushes and always wondered if they are safe to bring inside?
    Happy Gardening (or quilting) tomorrow. I have only put some of the garden to bed but tomorrow is a football and knitting day, plus I need to sew together 2 doll mattresses for my granddaughter (nothing fancy)!

    • timquilts says:

      the roses seem to always put out a few into late fall…I think they just cant admit that it is fall 😉
      I have brought beauty berry branches in the house….they hold up pretty well ..

  2. Pamela says:

    I spent my Saturday afternoon cleaning up my front flower beds. The wind kept my husband from raking the leaves. I hadn’t done much with the beds through the summer, due to having surgery on my shoulder in the Spring, so they needed a lot of attention. I also planted some daffodil bulbs and mums. My garden certainly doesn’t look like yours, nor is it as large, but I enjoy what I am able to do.

    • timquilts says:

      I had gerat intentions of planting some more daffodil bulbs this year, but so far I haven’t done it…..maybe I will see if I can find some bulbs tomorrow…you inspired me

  3. Connie Combs says:

    Thanks for sharing! A green thumb I do not have. Seeing pics that you post of all the beautiful things in your yard/gardens is as refreshing as seeing all your fantastic handwork. Do you think someone could duplicate in fabric that beautiful golden color of the weeping cherry? I especially love roses and love to take close up pics of them. I always think about how each one is so very unique, just like snowflakes. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Fall clean up pics.

    Connie Combs

    Sent from my iPad


  4. bjmonitas says:

    Hi, from the fruits of the wild rose and the rose dortmund you could prepare delicious & healthy marmelade!!! Healthy because the fruits of roses have heeps of vitamin C. Kindest bjmonitas

  5. Mary Ann Plance says:

    Only 5 bags? Lucky you. Last time we raked the back yard, we had 66 bags. I’d rather quilt. Have a lovely fall. Ours will be next month.

    • timquilts says:

      I have a very small yard…it is only 40 x 120′ and a good portion of that is the house and driveway….I got 5 more bags today, 5 last week, and likely at least 10 more before the end….and none of those leaves are from my trees…I dont have trees that except a few small ones like the cherry…my yard is a leaf magnet for all the trees in the neighborhood


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