Christmas Trees

Last year I wrote about the lighting of the Michigan State Capital Christmas Tree  and a history of Christmas trees that you can read here:  ( )

This year the tree lighting was last night

stste tree 2013

Since the state tree is up, and I was thinking trees I put up one in my house.  I know for many it is way to early but we had snow today…and I think it is best to do it when you feel it.

This year it is all snow and Ice (click pictures to enlarge)

and a Christmas village underneath….this should get me in the mood to get ready to teach Christmas floral designs!

Happy Decorating


9 thoughts on “Christmas Trees

  1. Joan says:

    Beautiful tree, and I love the village. I’ve had the Original Christmas Village from the beginning. I keep saying that I’m not buying any more and then there’ll be one I can’t resist — like the quilt store a few years ago. Oh well. It’s Christmas — right?

  2. Kristen says:

    Okay, Tim, ‘fess up. This is the first of how many Christmas trees you will be putting up this year?

  3. Very pretty. The tree will be nice to look at when you rest your eyes from quilting.

  4. Francie says:

    Tim, the tree is just gorgeous…love the village. And Teddy seems to have very good manners…not touching it. Lovely.

  5. tdspringer says:

    Lovely tree and I love the village. I started collecting two of whatever I bought that year, for my sons when they were little. Jamie is now married and they have their own home so I gave them all their pieces last year. Joey has his own home but I think I will hang on to his pieces right now….he lives with two other guys and his puppy so I know the village won’t get put up (I’ll be surprised if they put up any decorations….unless one of the girl friends decides to decorate).


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