Dr Seuss Quilt Progress

I have been working on the Dr Seuss Quilt.

I finished the top on Saturday

2 1

I got it layered and pin basted and marked.  I used a  small plate to mark the overlapping circles and then quilted them.

Dr Seuss progress 001 3 4

Now I am going back and adding the additional quilting.

6 7

The back is actually a light blue flannel but it came out white in the picture

Dr Seuss progress 009

I am using a very thick tan thread and only about 6 stitches per inch (utility/big stitch quilting).  There really was not a color of thread to use that would blend in because of all the different colors in the blocks so I decided on a somewhat neutral color.

It is going very fast so I might be ready to bind it by tomorrow.

The binding will be the same brown as the sashing.

I will post pictures of that as soon as I finish.

Meanwhile it is 3 degrees outside and will go down to negative 7 tonight with windchill temps of negative 35.  We had well over a foot of snow yesterday (drifts 24 inches +) and everything in the city is closed.  What else can a person do but quilt?

Stay warm and Happy Quilting



34 thoughts on “Dr Seuss Quilt Progress

  1. Kathi says:

    LOVE how you quilted this… whimsical like Dr. Seuss! Love it! What a lucky nephew! Kathi

  2. Lisa Mikel says:

    Your quilt is adorable! I love the Dr Seuss prints. Stay warm! Its horribly cold here in MN today too. I am glad its my day off work so I can stay home and sew. Happy Monday! Tell Teddy hi!

  3. poppyinstitches says:

    love the quilting, wrap up warm!

  4. Jill Buckalew says:

    I have been checking out your blog for a few months now and am really dazzled, both by the completed quilts, and the volume of work you put out!

  5. Jan Masenthin says:

    Very cool quilt — I love the dark sashing, and the circle quilting over those blocks is so “Dr. Seussy” — perfect. Tim, you are amazing.

  6. Chris Matsche says:

    Your quilt looks great. I have this fabric and I love what you did with yours.

  7. Bonnie Kisser says:

    You work so fast. Wonderfully done at any speed!😀

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Morning Tim from 27C Australia at 7.30am!!! Many thanks for all the step by step photo’s you are very generous with your time for us all. I love the wee fussy cut corner stones great added interest. Your dark brown sure brings all those creatures to life. Cheers Glenda

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks Glenda! I was worried the I went to dark with the brown….but when I had it all together I liked it!
      Im jealous of your warm temperature!!
      so for you I will say stay cool!!

  9. katechiconi says:

    … and from 29C tropical Australia at 7.50am! I love your big circle quilting, and think it’ll work well on a quilt I’m planning. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. The Quilt Meister says:

    What better to do than quilt in that cold! Fab quilting 😄

  11. audrey says:

    Love the quilting design! Perfect for this fun quilt!

  12. Kristen says:

    Good gosh, man — you are a quilting dervish! I like the dark side, am liking it very much for the context and the non-cutesieness for a little crib/boy quilt.

  13. Francie says:

    HOLY MOLY!!! I can’t believe how quick you are…and yet it is a beauty.
    What boy/man wouldn’t want that sweet quilt as a reminder of his Uncle. I am sure it will be passed on to his little one some day. The babies in your family are very lucky to have such a generous and kind Uncle!
    Yup, up here we are shivering pretty good too. AHHHH..wood stove heat is lovely. But I am not going out unless I have too. I’ll bet Teddy isn’t crazy about this frigid weather. Stay warm you two!

  14. Ginney says:

    This is very cute! I can’t believe how quickly you have got so much done on it.

  15. Pam Gardner says:

    my grand kids would adore this one. Good quilting weather-I can.t believe how very cold it is! My poor dogs don’t even want to go out.


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