Monday Update

I have been working on hand quilting the Fruit Basket Quilt, I am getting close to the 1/2 way point.  Don’t be afraid of the wrinkles….I have pin basted it, but with very few pins and it smooths out fin when I get it in the hoop.  here are some pictures of the progress front and back…..and Teddy was feeling like having his picture takes so jumped right in to pose (click pictures to enlarge)

I am working on a post about marking pens and pencils for hand quilting that will be posted soon

Happy Quilting


15 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. Francie says:

    Hi, was wondering what you up to. The quilting on that one is pulling me to do the same on something of mine…. 😀

  2. Looking forward to your marking post! Hope I inspired it. 😉

  3. Sharon Eshlaman in Galesburg says:

    It’s beautiful! Please give your quilt inspector a scratch behind the ears for me.

  4. The circular motion looks nice with the baskets. Coincidentally, I have just put a quilt in a frame and am contemplating different marking tools. Currently, I have a which chalk pencil as my fabrics are dark. I once used yellow chalk and it never was totally removed. I look forward to your post. Thanks.

  5. Lisa says:

    I look forward to your comments on different marking tools…..I do a lot of free hand or marking as I go with chalk because I dislike the removing or fear of not being able to remove. I also have concerns that pen marks may show in the future.

    I like the circular motifs that you have used with this and the Dr. Seuss quilt….and am contemplating modeling a wall quilt….what size circle did you use?

  6. quiltsalott says:

    It’s looking great Tim! I love a plain backing for showing the design, it’s very textural. Do your pins get in the way of the hoop? I tried it once and the pins were gouging the hoop.

    • timquilts says:

      The pins never get in the way because I take them out in the area that is in the hoop….once in the hoop the hoop will hold the layers together so you dont need the pins

  7. Victoria says:

    Once again love the “vintage” look of your quilting

  8. alison says: you mark one circle, quilt that then mark another? I am curious about how you work your way over the quilt top. Really interesting texture. thanks for being so generous with the information you share.

    • timquilts says:

      I mark the largest outside circle (or arc/partial circle) and then when quilting I quilt the marked arc, the move in and quilt the next by eye….no marking..then do the next small and the next until I have it filled….then I go on the next arc that I marked and do the same. On the quilt I did all the marking first….then layered and pin basted it then started quilting in the center…then I move back and forth …on each side of the center until I have a quilted strip down the center…then back to the center again and repeat….I usually do the center to one edge…then back to the center and out to the other edge.


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