Pictures = inspiration

Anything can be an inspiration for a quilt.  where ever I go it seems that I find myself saying…”those would be great quilt colors” or “look at the shapes in that fence…

Today I was doing a little planning for the spring garden and went through a pile of pictures from Nov 9 2013.  I took the pictures as a reference source to help me remember what the various plants look like in late fall so I can add more fall color as needed.And also to post here

The tree that is inspiring me to think about making a quilt today is this weeping cherry


For context I will also look at some of the other things of interest in that garden the same day.

What method of construction I will use is very uncertain…but I know this will have to move up in the pile of quilts to do.

One other thing I thought about today is that quilts are often seasonal.  If I try to make myself hand quilt on only seasonally appropriate quilts I would never finish any…..I can work on a fall leaves quilt in the summer or spring…and then display seasonally

Happy Quilting


18 thoughts on “Pictures = inspiration

  1. Donna K says:

    Hi Tim

    I like the movement and colors of your weeping cherry. There’s a quilt in that one for sure. Great inspirations.

  2. karen says:

    speaking of spring here in Arkansas I was cleaning out flower beds – it hit 61 today – who knows what it will be next week but I found daffodils growing and some iris’s too 🙂 hope your snow up north melts for you soon and warmer temps arrive

  3. katechiconi says:

    That gold and pale green against the black and dark green is very vivid; I can see a great quilt made up of diamonds, maybe mainly dark, but with a shower of gold ‘leaves’ trailing down. Beautiful!

  4. Janine Huisjen says:

    Your last paragraph made me laugh. I’m getting ready to start a poinsettia quilt. It should be finished around the time the snow goes away. If it ever goes away. : \

  5. Chris says:

    A quilter and gardener’s work is never done. The seed catalogs are coming and I want to get outside, but way to cold. We have frost down in the ground 45 inches this year. Coldest on history since it has been recorded since late 1880’s. Stay warm Chris

  6. I do the same thing! I thought maybe I was just weird.

  7. KerryCan says:

    I remember reading somewhere that the same people who love to garden often love to make quilts. It makes perfect sense to me–both undertakings share visual design, interplay of colors, planning ahead and patience!

  8. quiltsalott says:

    There is inspiration everywhere if we take the time to look. Your photos make me miss gardening which I can’t do anymore.

  9. Gretchen McClain says:

    I love LOOKING at gardens! LOL I have some perennials planted but I want everything to be automatic, with NO WEEDS! I know, that’s impossible. We have a lot of clay in our soil and this makes for quite a challenge. My problem is, I would just rather sew. I belong to two guilds, Warren, PA and the Chautauqua Region Quilt Guild. Our Warren guild is having our biennial quilt show April 12 & 13, so with a deadline looming I have gotten some UFO’s done. As long as I stay on task, I get things get done. But here I am preaching to the choir. 🙂
    I took my snowflake to a gathering the other day and had 6 friends give me their input but, I am still on the fence with it. I saw a program where an artist put tulle over it and quilted that down by machine with an overall stipple. Of course, it wasn’t a snowflake but rather a village. So for now it’s pinned to a wall quilt so I don’t have to fold it up. Hope you get some quilting in today.
    Keep warm and safe,
    Gretchen in PA


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