Which is your favorite?

I have frequently been asked which quilt or quilt top is my favorite.  I usually answer that my favorite is the one I am currently working on.  I do however seem to go in spells when it comes to which I am drawn to.

For quite a while I have been more drawn to the quilt tops that are pre-1920.    I think the reason is that (at least in my head) older is better.  The older I get the more I believe this applies to people as well.

I have many quilt tops from that era…and they very often are rather somber in color.   They have a lot of black and white prints that read as gray (mourning fabric), and there are fewer pastels, and more dark colors.

Here are a few examples (click to enlarge)

In the 30’s there were more pastels, pink and green was popular, prints almost always had more than 2 colors in them. The fabrics of the 30’s remind me of Easter eggs. Here are some examples (click to enlarge)

I Am currently working on the Basket of lilies quilt.

basket of lilies basted 001

I am really enjoying the cheery colors!…for a few years now I have avoided the quilt tops from the 30’s and 40’s…but currently they are my favorites…this goes in spells so in a few months I will likely be back to favoring 19th century quilts.

I have a quilt top on the same pattern as the one I am working on now (however it is not one point).  The difference is that it is much older.  The colors look strange but you have to imagine what it looked like when it was new.  In this top the green dye did not hold up …it faded over time and is now tan.

I’m guessing that this one is 50 years older than the one I am working on now.

2010_1101newtops0024 2010_1101newtops0025 2010_1101newtops0026

I think the colorful one is a lot more interesting!

Perhaps I’m drawn to the colors in the first one because its time for spring….whatever the reason the 30’s quilts and quilt tops make me happy.

If anyone is interested I will draw up a pattern for the Lily basket block and post for you to download…leave a message in the comments section so I know that there is interest.

Happy Quilting


31 thoughts on “Which is your favorite?

  1. Charlene says:

    Would love to have a pattern

  2. Mary Mandernach says:

    I am interested in the pattern Thank you

  3. Mary says:

    The first nine-patch is my favorite (probably because I’m working on a similar top) I was wondering, how big are the blocks in that top?

  4. Paulette says:

    I’d love a pattern for the block. Many thanks! The green in the earlier lily basket quilt is so characteristic for that time, isn’t it?

  5. mzjohansen says:

    I am, and no doubt will always be, a fan of thirties quilts. They just make me happy. That being said I love pre 20th century quilts very much – there s just something about them that reeks ‘history’. I always think of them as ‘libraries’ of earlier period fabrics!

  6. izzyc55 says:

    I think to basket quilt on point looks more visually appealing and the colours are adorable – it will be lovely to bring it out each year towards the end of winter to cheer everyone up.

  7. Chrisanna says:

    Hi Tim. Yes, I would love to see a pattern for this block. Thank you so much for considering it.

  8. Martyne says:

    I would love the pattern as well Tim. Thank you so much. I love the colorful one as well. My beloved dog was named Lily, and she was quite colorful in personality!

  9. Kristen says:

    I’m in a straightfoward and simple mood today — I’m going for that red and sage green pickle dish-ish that is second row, third column (what’s the name? I haven’t seen my Brackman’s since the move), followed by that lovely, elegant little snail trail at the end.

  10. Dorothy says:

    You have many wonderful quilts but my very favourite is the one with the Solomon Temple blocks. Not just the block but the colours and fabrics too.

  11. KerryCan says:

    Well! Seeing what you have hoarded away, we know you’ll never be bored or run out of quilts to work on! All lovely in their own ways!

  12. Babara says:

    I would love the pattern as well. I have never seen that pattern with the snake of colors running diagonally over a white background. It’s really very modern looking.

    • timquilts says:

      I will post the pattern soon…the snake trail quilt top is one of my favorites….it does look rather modern….but then it seems like in many ways modern quilts are mostly re-working of old patterns

  13. Amanda Best says:

    They are all beautiful! My two favorites are the Rose of Sharon with the pink swag border and the one that is ribbons of colors or “snakes” as some one else said. I love the 1930’s lilies, too!

  14. Joy says:

    Tim, You torture this reader! I have so many likes, but I’m into 93, the folky 3 flower scrappy look in vase. It’s colorful and would never get boring. I love carolina lilies….guess I’m a floral kind of girl. Others have a quiet dignity representing those hard times of life, quilting got them through the day. I appreciate your gorgeous pictures and quilting ideas. Thank you. Joy


    • timquilts says:

      Tanks Joy
      my favorite is the colorful scrappy too….it is just so colorful….but like I said I change my mind often..it changes with the weather, season, my mood…..etc….so I always have a few in progress all the time so I can work on a quilt that fits how I feel

  15. adaisygarden says:

    I just can’t make up my mind… one day I’m drawn to the old quilts (1800s) and then I see something in a modern quilt that whispers, “why don’t you make this one?” The one you posted that looks like a snake going up & down on the diagonal could be done in any era – whether the quiet, more somber colors, or in the modern style with a grey background and yellow/black/white “snakes”. I guess I just love quilting 🙂


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