Easter Stripes

I started to work on the quilt with the pastel fabrics that I posted yesterday,

I love antique quilts and the serve as inspiration for new quilts.    I was  searching the quilt index and found this beauty

roman stripes

The pattern is called Roman Stripes, or Rainbow Quilt.

roman stropes

It is a very simple block but I love the look.  I decided to try making a block with both halfs of the square striped, but in different directions

cut the strips 2.5 inches wide (2.5 inches is the size of a jelly roll of fabric so the pattern would be a great way to use a jelly roll)…and here is how it looks.

easter stripes 004I

here it is with 4 blocks

easter stripes 001

I am  pleased with it!!….I think it is going to be a great Easter quilt.

Teddy is not sure…he is looking at it very closely

easter stripes 007

He needs time to think about it.

Now that I have the design set I can start to think about weather I want to add a border…and will it be a pieced border…what color(s) and think about the binding….all the things that really finish a quilt.

More pictures to come when I make some decisions and progress

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “Easter Stripes

  1. lorieast says:

    Definitely looks like spring. I like it!

  2. Joan says:

    Great job Tim — as always. I think it’s a really fun idea for jelly rolls. How about an Easter fabric in matching colors for a border. It would look great on your dining room table.

  3. Vicky Walker says:

    Just lovely! Teddy is so cute! Or should I say handsome.My dog is always by my side too. She has a resting place in every room.

  4. Pam G. says:

    Love it! You are so creative. Teddy always makes me smile! He’s just too cute.


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