Easter Stripe Quilt Finished

I finished the Easter Stripe Quilt…finished size is 65″ x 78″. I started it Here https://timquilts.com/2014/03/16/strip-piecing-the-pastel-quilt/

I just took it out of the dryer and I love the crinkling that the shrinkage causes.  To me it makes it look more soft and inviting.  I used Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton batting and I like it…easy to quilt and has a good  drape when it is done.

Here are some pictures (click to enlarge)

I might just decide to add this to my Etsy store and sell it.  I love how it turned out….but if I sell it I can buy more fabric!…

Happy Quilting


and Teddy says hi


25 thoughts on “Easter Stripe Quilt Finished

  1. Sharon Eshlaman in Galesburg says:

    You are an amazing man, my friend! It is stunning, but I expect nothing less. I’m heading to my brother’s home for the next week with my car packed full to the roof with my quilting projects. I babysit for his cat when he leaves town. I would love to sit for Teddy if you ever need a sitter when you go out of town. I only live in Galesburg 🙂 I await your next project and creation.

  2. Nancy in Naperville says:

    Saw your inspiring article in Quilters Newsletter Magazine, and I have a question. Do you wash the antique tops before you quilt them? I have 3 or 4 that I want to quilt myself (long arm machine), and they have a lot of spots and stains. Am afraid they will fall apart if I wash them first. What do you do? Thanks so much.

    • timquilts says:

      I never wash before I quilt….I take the risk that they will come clean after the quilting is done…they would fall apart in the wash if I wash before quilting….if some of the stains don’t come out I know they are “clean” stains…and add to the antique look

      • Nancy in Naperville says:

        That’s how I feel. Thank you for validating my thoughts on the matter. I machine quilt because I have been doing handwork (needlepoint and cross stitch) for my whole life and still work on those projects every night. Love your hand quilting though. Happy to have found your blog!

  3. Tim, You are a HandQuilter. I say that because of SEWIST or QuiltTop makers sometimes say …Oh,” I finished My Quilt now I can send it to the Quilter. ” opening another can…We have to speak QUILT

    • timquilts says:

      For me the Hand Quilting is the reward….making the top is a necessary step I have to take in order to get to the quilting!!….it is the hand work that I enjoy…it is a totally relaxing almost zen experience .. but I guess it is not for everyone…

  4. Joan says:

    Just lovely, Tim!

  5. Amanda Best says:

    Love the colors, pattern and of course your stunning quilting!

  6. Sharron Evans says:

    His eyes shine so brightly. Teddy not you 🙂 Love the quilt.

  7. sara says:

    Came out wonderful as expected! Now you just need to color the Easter eggs and it’s a go!

  8. Kathleen Campbell says:

    Love the quilt. Gosh you are fast. Teddy looks sporty in his new duds!

    • timquilts says:

      It might be fast in the number of days, but there was a lot of hours each day to do it! and honestly its only 250 yards of thread to do the quilting….so simple is fast
      teddy loves to get groomed and new duds…he loves the attention when he is looking good…he gets everyone at petco giving him treats

  9. Maricea Rezende Almeida says:

    Congratulations Tim , your work is very, very , very beautiful.

  10. Pam G. says:

    Stunning! I’m getting closer to working on the Grandmother’s Flower Garden & you give me the inspiration to get it started. Need to practice more hand quilting first though. Hi to Teddy!

  11. karen says:

    love this one the colors and the design


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