Fruit Salad

A few weeks ago I made a quilt I called Easter Stripes



I said I would make a quilt like it with some fruit fabric



For this one I used the traditional Roman Stripe block.

roman stropes


And played with the layout until I came up with this


I have the blocks all set on the floor…so I to get them to the sewing machine and not mess up the order….I use masking tape


The tape will hold them enough to get to the sewing area and not mess up the order.  I do one row at a time.  With this layout I do the rows diagonally.


The row comes out and goes to the machine for sewing


Do all the rows, join them and add a border if you want and there you have it…a finished top


A quilter friend called it fruit salad because the fabrics are all fruit so that is the title “fruit Salad”

DSCN1489 DSCN1487 DSCN1486


This finished at 80″ square.  I used one package of 2.5″ fabric strips.  28 strips in a package. The black strips are from my stash and the orange is new.  I have enough leftovers to make another, I will try out a different color solid fabric…I love the orange, but I can’t make myself do the same quilt twice so maybe I will try a red, or purple, or green.  with these fabrics I think a batik would be great


Now I need to do the hand quilting….as soon as I finish some that are still in progress

Happy Quilting


Happy Quilting



5 thoughts on “Fruit Salad

  1. Rosemary Ermis says:

    Tim, I love your work; I love your creativity; I love your quilting; I love your fruit salad. I hate the orange.

  2. Mimi says:

    You have talked about when basting a quilt that you pin the back to the rug. It is a concept that I can’t quite grasp. How to pin to a rug. Is the rug in question in these pictures?

    • timquilts says:

      ….stab a pin through the backing fabric into the rug to hold it in place….the rug is not as big as many of the quilts I do so I also pin directly to the wood floor, if you look at the picture with the diagonal row removed you can see the rug

  3. […] I finally finished hand quilting the “Fruit Salad” quilt.  I posted about it here […]


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