Vintage Lone Star

Today’s Treasure is a vintage Lone Star quilt top.

I would date it to 1900 or there about.  It is well made and should be easy to quilt!  Often this pattern is a chore to get quilted because it bulges out in the center….here is an example of another one in my collection that lost the battle of the bulge.


This is a rather extreme example of what can happen when you don’t keep accurate seam allowances when piecing.  I will need to totally re-make this or do some drastic cutting to get it flat.

Fortunately this new one is ready to go!  Here are some pictures (click to enlarge)

It might seem like I drive myself crazy with too many ideas going on in my head at once and too many quilts going all at once but I have long since decided that it is the only way I can work.  If I get the urge to start something I need to do it or I wont be able to focus on anything!

With that in mind here is what I started last night.


My quilting friend Pepper Corey sent me some thread to try out.  It is Presencia 40 weight thread (website here ) and while it is not labeled as hand quilting thread it does the job.  It is different from the other hand quilting threads in that it does not have a glace finish so I find that using a thread conditioner like thread heaven (the little blue box in the picture) makes it work for me.  It is available in a lot of colors and hand quilting thread is not easy to find in more than just a few colors.  I will be buying more and I think it will also be perfect for hand piecing…it is a good strong thread.

I used the blue thread to test because a contrasting thread color really shows the stitches.  The real coincidence is that Just a few days ago I was at my local quilt store, Country Stitches,  and purchased a stencil.  I thought it was beautiful but didn’t know what I would do with it. But I had to buy it!

I read the label after I had this started this and it was designed by none other than Pepper Corey!  small world we quilters live in!

The stencil is called Elizabeth’s Star and it is #PCW 147  Ask for it at your favorite quilt store.

This is in an 18″ hoop and using a piece of fabric I had on hand, so shall we call it an 18″ whole cloth quilt?  Eventually I will make it into a pillow.  Now that I have played with the stencil and thread I plan to use them both in future quilting.

but for now back to work on some of the many already started projects

Happy quilting


22 thoughts on “Vintage Lone Star

  1. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    Love the last two projects. The bulge on the first one scares me to death! I still don’t think you ever get any sleep with all the quilting you get done.

  2. Pat Long says:

    I look forward to your email everyday. Thanks

  3. sara says:

    What an incredible quilt! Have fun with that one. Can’t wait to see what you cook up!

  4. Shirley says:

    The lone star with the tent in the middle makes me think of my friend. One of the first quilts she made was a lone star and she couldn’t figure out why on earth it wouldn’t lay flat, and then she realized she had
    put 9 points on it instead of the 8 it should have had. LOL
    I love reading your blog. Look forward to your descriptions of what
    you are working on…..and LOVE the pics of Teddy…..what a sweetheart! You amaze me at how much you get done!!!!

  5. Anne Kasten says:

    thanks so much Tim for all your posts.
    You are so inspiring and so comforting at the same time.
    hope that sounds right!

  6. audrey says:

    This is the best Lone Star quilt top I’ve seen in awhile! Gorgeous.:) Love what you’re doing with that new blue thread too!

  7. sandy says:

    The lone star quilt was what was loaded on the hook as bait when I first got caught in the quilting world. I saw it on the cover of Georgia Bonesteel’s book, Lap Quilting. This was 25 years ago, and I had experience in making garments only. But….I HAD to make that quilt.

    Of course, I failed miserably and had to back up and start with the basics. I’ve finally made three Lone Star quilts, and currently have one nearly completed in my UFO box.

    The “tent” shown in your pic can be easily fixed by enlarging the seams, but it was most likely caused by stretching the fabric on the bias before construction. I have to tweak every on of these as I’m making it.

    The first successful Lone Star that I made, I used freezer paper to stabilize the fabric until I could get it sewn together. I’m a little bit more experienced now, and between starching the fabric before cutting, and resisting the temptation to iron after each piecing step has helped.

    Great looking quilts! This is definitely my favorite pattern!

    • timquilts says:

      it is one of my favorite patterns as well…I have had a few others that I fixed….and quilted….and they make great quilts..but lots of the people didnt know about the stretch problem…..starching is a good idea
      I have a vintage kit with all the pieces cut out….I will have to try the starch idea

      • sandy says:

        I was surprised at how much difference the spray starch made in working with bias cuts. Also, no pressing of seams until you get ALL those bias seams sewn together.

  8. Connie Johnson says:

    Lovely star quilt. I’m sure you’ll do justice to it. Forgive my ignorance, but until recently had never heard of ” thread conditioner”. What does it do and why bother ? Did quilters of the past condition their thread ? I know wax was used. Thanks for your help.

  9. Mimi says:

    When you write your book, you might consider a chapter with all the usual truisms with pictures. Some of us do much better with pictures so give a truisms and then give a picture. In the Lone Star example it is a LONG way off when making the quilt but the bulge will appear if not careful for all the reasons mentioned here.

  10. […] While the quilt was in the washer and dryer I decided to finally finish the pillow I started back in April, see that post here […]


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