Stars and Fruit

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a quilt top I made using jelly roll Fabrics (42″ x 2.5″ strips).  I bought the fruit fabric a few years ago and finally decided to use it.


I had some very strong reactions (both good and bad) to the orange fabrics….well I love the orange…and I had some more strips but not quite enough so I made some strips with orange and black for a total of 40 strips.  I also used 3 yards of green fabric.  I have all the blocks made and I am now playing with the arrangement of the blocks. Here are the 2 contenders.

DSCN1671 DSCN1683

The lighting was bad today so the colors aren’t showing as bright as they really are but you can get the idea. All that green area is perfect for some detailed hand quilting!

I have been continuing to hand quilt the New York Beauty


And adding more to the pile of vintage tops (this is only a small portion)


Some of my friends from the Facebook group , Celebrate Hand Quilting, have sent me pictures of my quilt in the AQS show in Paducah.

wholecloth paducha

I think it is time to start looking for inspiration for something to submit next year.  I think something less traditional for next year…but hand quilted for sure!

Back to work on some hand quilting for now…


I want to get this done this weekend.

Happy Quilting


Almost forgot…Teddy feels bad when he isn’t in a post

DSCN1670 DSCN1669 DSCN1668 DSCN1667

20 thoughts on “Stars and Fruit

  1. Pat Long says:

    As for the green quilts, I like the first on best.

    • timquilts says:

      I am still undecided….I might do something totally different…..I think that is why I didn’t sew them together yet 🙂 also 2 blocks have a mistake that I need to fix….or not….can you see them?

  2. katechiconi says:

    The top one. But I still like the orange background better! That blue hand quilting is beautiful, I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of the finished thing.

  3. Ann says:

    For color, I have to say I prefer the green over the orange. But the layout with orange gives some nice big fields to show off your quilting. Of the two green ones, I like the bottom/last one; there is a big green “sash” around the center block that would show your quilting off well.

    But no matter which layout or color you pick, it WILL be beautiful, I’m sure!

  4. Julie Porter says:

    Wow to the Paducah quilt! For what it is worth my five daughters and I like the orange best but don’t listen to us Aussies as we are known to choose much brighter colours to wear and decorate than Northern hemisphere peoples because of the harsher sunlight. Whatever you do I am sure we will be impressed.

    • timquilts says:

      thanks! I have wanted to go to Australia since I was 4 years old and my good friend Charlie moved maybe the color preferences are part of wanting to go there…..

  5. glendajean says:

    Tim your white on white quilt is breath takingly beautiful. I wish I could see it in person. It makes my heart warm to think you are going to rescue that pile of old quilts for future generations. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  6. I absolutely love the orange!! but then orange IS my favorite color 🙂

  7. Jenny M says:

    Your white quilt is just stunning. I have fallen in love with your New York Beauty quilt! Jenny (another Aussie)

  8. Julie Porter says:

    Perhaps you should visit Your friend Charles in Australia. Investigate the meanings of aboriginal paintings which incorporate waves and lines to communicate places, information and history which I think would translate beautifully into quilting. I personally don’t have the artistic lent to be able to do this but someone as talented as you may be able to achieve this. Country is mother to aboriginals and I have met French people who have compared the aboriginal art to their 60,000 year old famous cave paintings and say we are so lucky to have those ancient tribes in recent history. Visit their country in the Northern Territory and I am sure it will give you inspiration.

  9. Carolanne says:

    I like orange – I also like Marigolds in my vegetable garden pots. It all goes together when it grows together – I think (?)


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