More Vintage Quilt Tops…and a Small Whole Cloth

A Few more quilt tops to show you….I still have more you haven’t seen yet.

This is from the 70’s I would say.  Lots of funky fabrics, sort of unified by the pink.

DSCN1697 DSCN1698 DSCN1700

This one is older, but since it is all solids it is harder to date….but I really love this simple style.

DSCN1696 DSCN1695 DSCN1694

I need twice as many days in the week to get all these hand quilted!…..but it will happen eventually.

Remember this?


I wrote about it here

and I finished it today (it still needs to be made into something…I think a pillow).


I made this for a challenge on the Facebook group “Celebrate Hand Quilting”.  The challenge was to create something with our name in it…..I got Tim L to fit in this (not enough space to fit Latimer without messing up the design).

Making this little star (the hoop is 18″) has given me all kinds of Ideas for a full-sized whole cloth quilt!

Now back to work on the backlog!

Happy Quilting



21 thoughts on “More Vintage Quilt Tops…and a Small Whole Cloth

  1. Espirational says:

    You do such beautiful had quilting. I’m in awe!

  2. Kathleen Campbell says:

    You are fast and GOOD. Love this dsign. Do you ever put the year that you quilted the piece?

  3. Terry Boyd says:

    I too, am a male quilter. You’ve inspired me to complete a quilt I had been neglecting.

  4. Cheryl Arlene Petersen says:

    Are you able to put a date on construction on an antique quilt?

    Sent from my iPad

    • timquilts says:

      sometimes you can estimate a date based on the quilting, or the quilts pattern. the best clue is to compare the fabrics used to known dated fabrics….it is quite an area of study and I am not expert at it myself, but I do ok most often

  5. katechiconi says:

    I have trouble thinking about the 70s as vintage: I was already sewing in the 70s and if it’s in my lifetime, it can’t be vintage… can it? I think your little wholecloth star is quite beautiful, and too nice to be sat against: how about framing it and hanging it where the light will catch it sideways and highlight all the beautiful quilting?

    • timquilts says:

      my only empty wall is for hanging full sized quilts….there isn’t another spot to hang anything, because it is full of paintings that I do…some day I will have to post some pictures of those
      It is hard to put a date on vintage….but I guess Im vintage….Im older than the quilt top! LOL

  6. Sara says:

    Incredible challenge piece!

  7. Vicky says:

    You do beautiful work! I’m the vintage one- I have all of you beat since I’m a child of 69 going on 70 soon! LOVE vintage.

  8. LeeAnn says:

    Oh my! That Broken Dishes quilt just takes my breath away, as does your hand-quilting. I’m so glad to see you rescuing these and making them even more beautiful.

    • timquilts says:

      thanks!….that is a fun one…all the colors and fabrics seem to work together very well….a very simple pattern can still make a great quilt….I think we often forget that and go over the top fancy….I need to remember to quilt this one in a simple design!

  9. Pam G says:

    Love the whole cloth! One day (soon I hope) I’ll get brave & try one. I need to get that Grandmother’s Flower Garden sandwiched & start the quilting. Torn between having it basted by a longarmer or pin baste it. I know you mentioned you prefer pin basting, so not sure what to do.

    • timquilts says:

      I pin baste, it takes me only minutes and is free ….I have heard of some who like to have a long arm quilter do the basting and are very happy with the results, and also have heard plenty of nightmares where they had to take it all out and re do it themselves ….be sure your top is totally flat and square and well pressed and your backing fabric is at least 4″ wider and longer than the top and use a long arm quilter you trust

  10. Cheryl Petersen says:

    Is there a publication for the New York beauty you did


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