Another one! stop the madness!!

I can’t help buying them when I love them and they are a good deal!….but It does seem like I must be crazy sometimes…..but in a good way.

The top is all hand pieced and in great condition (needs to be pressed)  I would say 60’s fabrics.

And look at all the fun hand quilting space in those green strips!….this is going to be a fun project!  Each strip has different fabrics.  Teddy says “it sits well”  that is his way of saying it is pretty flat.

Since Teddy is such a popular little guy I thought I would make a video of his inspecting job…..unfortunately he just wanted to look at the camera!

Happy Quilting


27 thoughts on “Another one! stop the madness!!

  1. Kristen says:

    Feed the madness! Run amok! The more tops to inspect the better! Bring ’em on! (Kristen voicing Teddy)

  2. Pam G. says:

    I totally understand your passion! Besides – you have to keep sweet Teddy busy with inspections!

  3. Martyne says:

    They all want tender loving care, and found you Tim, knowing they will receive it in your heart and home! I love the colors, beach house perfect in my book!

  4. Victoria says:

    Oh, Yeah!!!! Go Teddy! Go Teddy! more videos!!!

  5. So pretty!!!! But you know me…I think lime is a neutral.

  6. Laura Swinney says:

    Love Teddy! He’s a good boy!! I LOVE that quilt top too Tim!

  7. wanda says:

    What type of motif would you add to a quilt like this? A cable or feathers?

  8. Teddy was just thinking hard – part of an inspector’s job. This quilt looks summery to me. Lime as a neutral!

  9. Pat Long says:

    OMG that is just beautiful-love the colors

  10. Kathleen Campbell says:

    SUPER GREEN looks good. I am inspired by what colors quilters put together.

  11. Vicky says:

    I just think Teddy is so cute! Where do you find these quilt beauties? I love to hand quilt but do not like to piece them.

  12. Megan F says:

    So funny! I only own 4 vintage tops SO FAR (bought in the last month) and I am trying to just stay off the sites because if I search, I *will* find something! I was going to ask you how you control yourself, but apparently you don’t. 🙂

    • timquilts says:

      I try to but I put one on my watch list and then when I check on it I end up looking at new listings….it never ends …..I do often go for months without buying any….and then sometimes I end up buying one a day

  13. Nancy says:

    Love the green in this, and you’re right it will be fun to quilt those strips. Teddy looks good on green, and he does require a fresh supply of tops for his inspection. So I don’t see how you can stop even if you wanted to.


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