half done

I have just about finished 1/2 of the hand quilting on the vintage New York Beauty

I still need to quilt the narrow yellow border and the center diagonal row of sashing before I move on to the next block.   I start in the center and then work out to the edge.   Next I start in the center again and work to the other edge.  This way I don’t get any wrinkles …I work them out as I work to the edge. Click on the pictures to enlarge

Teddy went to see the groomer.  She gave him a patriotic neckerchief….since he wont be there again before the 4th of July

DSCN2478 DSCN2477
I think Julie does a great job!

Happy Quilting


23 thoughts on “half done

  1. Looks amazing! I’m glad you’re excited about it. This quilt and the other two will be wonderful additions to the book. Seeing the whole process unfolding is so enlightening. In many ways, these quilts will be climactic points in the book. What to do with a vintage top is one of the things most quilt lovers want to know.

  2. Sara says:

    Amazing! And Teddy looks like a great little patriot! He loves his neckerchiefs doesn’t he!

    • timquilts says:

      he does!…..he really misses them when he isn’t wearing one…..I think itI goes back to people praising him when he gets a new one…..all the people at the groomer (and me) telling him how good he looks

  3. Becky Holley says:

    Hi Tim. I just want you to know I love that your bringing older quilt tops to life. You are such an inspiration in all that you do. Julie is cute too.

    enjoy, Becky

  4. Helen Beall says:

    I am loving your blog, Tim! Your quilting, your garden, your Teddy…I can’t decide which I enjoy most.

  5. mehitabel says:

    Your quilting is really bringing out the Beauty in that NYBeauty! Teddy is very handsome with his new haircut and dandy kerchief! Love seeing the progress pictures! Makes me yearn to do some hand quilting! (Stupid arthritis, I can barely hold a needle to sew down bindings!)

  6. katechiconi says:

    Teddy looks much more like a schnauzer when he’s been clipped! Love the kerchief on him, too.

  7. njquilter24 says:

    I am in awe of the hand quilting and what it is doing for this quilt top. It has moved over to the heirloom status quilt in my opinion now. YOur hand quilting is making this quilt come to life and WOW a masterpiece now.

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks Kathie!
      it is my goal to give this top the quilting that I imagine might have been done…if the maker could have finished it….I always wonder if it comes out that way (sometimes I am too close to it to be objective)….thanks for the confirmation!!

  8. fractalgal says:

    Beautiful! Hand quilting is a unique look.

  9. bonniehull says:

    just beautiful work you do…machine quilted quilts always have a “manufactured” feel to me…

  10. Kristen says:

    Sigh, this is so beautiful — it’s such an amazing top already and Tim the Quilt Top Whisperer if making it a fabulous quilt.. Andrew continues to covet it. And hope Teddy’s swelled head can still fit in the room — he knows he’s a handsome devil, he does.


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