Unusual Pattern Antique Quilt Top

I have another antique quilt top to share today.   I have not seen the pattern before but it is rather simple.  Two things drew me to this top.  First are the alternating solid squares.   The solid squares leave a lot of room for me to do some nice hand quilting.   Hand quilting always shows better on those unpieced areas.   Second is the fabrics.  There is a great variety of fabrics!   When dating a quilt top I have to look at the entire piece and find the “newest” fabric.  The top could not have been made before the date of the newest fabric.    I am NOT an expert on antique fabric but I have hundreds of quilt tops and have looked at a lot of antique fabric….My best estimate is 1890, much of the fabric predates that but some is not.   it is always fun to look at all the fabrics and every time I look at it I see one that I missed before.
As always I took a lot of pictures so here they are (click pictures to enlarge)

Now Back to work

Happy Quilting


22 thoughts on “Unusual Pattern Antique Quilt Top

  1. david says:

    Wow, this is a fabulous quilt in MHO. Love its simplicity and its make-do feel!

  2. Sharon Eshlaman in Galesburg says:

    Love the fabrics in that one! Nice piece.

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks….i will spend hours looking at all the fabrics when I hand quilt it…..I get very close to fabrics that way 🙂 so it is fun to have a lot of variety

  3. antarabesque says:

    Nice! It is simple, yet is a pattern that is very pleasing to the eye. Another good find.

  4. oooh, great scrappy block pattern! I use strips and patches in a similar way in my scrappy quilts but I haven’t tried introducing the unity of that single strip repeat (double pinks trips). Great idea! thanks!

  5. Theresa Nance says:

    Pretty cool. I don’t recognize a pattern in this either, but here’s my (imagined) story: the quilter had a huge pile of tiny scraps and someone gave her a bunch of double-pink strips. S/he had the shirting fabric (maybe somebody gave her/him that as well. Being a thrifty person, s/he began sewing her tiny pieces together, alternating lights and darks and using all that shirting fabric. Took her forever though. Maybe she was someone’s granny and her kids, grands, nieces and nephews were giving her their scraps. Treadling all those seams (it is machine pieced, right?) just about wore her out and she was not able to finish it. Her descendents packed it away, planning to do something with it later. Someone died, the estate was dealt with, and this top is what was left over, just waiting for you to come along and finish it.

    Maybe … maybe not … Theresa

  6. Deb says:

    This is a great scrap quilt!!! Loved all the pictures. I believe that quilters back then are like us today …. They hated to throw out a good scrap of fabric … Happy quilting!

  7. Kristen says:

    Oh that double pink, tickle my tummy and make me purr — I love that double pink! Quite interesting pattern, and yes, it surprises me too that it’s hand pieced because it’s geometric and 1890 would have had the Singers singing away. Interesting to ponder.

    • timquilts says:

      most all of my 250+ quilt tops are hand pieced…..or at least mostly hand pieced. I think that back when they were made….the handwork was done in the parlor in the evening….sit down and take a load off but can’t do nothing so work on hand piecing…..also why there are many tops that never got quilted….they make them almost continuously and make quite a stockpile, and then quilt them as needed

      • Kristen says:

        Yes, there are the piecers and the quilters…did I ever send you that Wall Street Journal article about the long haul trucker/s who like to piece while on the road (not literally, by machine when stopped overnight). At least one featured in the article piled up the tops and left them to his wife to quilt back at home base.

      • timquilts says:

        that is a pretty good system…and they probably shop at quilt stores all over the country…that would be fun….except I hate to drive long distance

  8. Chery says:

    I love scrap quilts and this is a nice one, she had a great eye for color!!!

  9. Pat Long says:

    I love the colors and design. It’ll be absolutely beautiful when quilted

  10. Helen Beall says:

    Like the close-ups of those pieced rectangles. They make it even scrappier.


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