garden pictures again

I will have something quilty next time. Today I am working on a T-shirt quilt for a friend….and I am doing very simple machine quilting ….If it doesn’t turn out to bad I will post a picture 🙂  I also Have a beautiful applique quilt to start….and a bunch to finish and a million others that I want to make…and I am working on a rag rug ….all will be posted about soon.

For today another look at the garden

Click pictures to enlarge

Here is Teddy last night watching me work on a quilt….


Happy Quilting and gardening


6 thoughts on “garden pictures again

  1. katechiconi says:

    Oh, those lilies are glorious. What a fantastic colour! And I am looking forward to seeing more about the applique quilt.

  2. Gaye Ingram says:

    Wonderful garden. We have many of the same plants blooming. I just cut back my monarda (a bright, deep red ‘Jacob Kline’) and daisies and they will bloom again. Wish I could do the photography you do. But Timothy, you had better not neglect play and talk with Teddy. He’s a catch and would have his choice of friends, should he ever desire.

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks! My monarda are just starting but will do the same when they are done…I have had so much rain and humidity that I am afraid they might get powdery mildew…but none so far. Teddy will not allow me to neglect him 😉 Every time I move away for the quilting he is right there to jump on my lap and have a visit…and a scratch …and a talk

  3. bermudagirl says:

    Beautiful garden, so inspiring!! Must take a hell of a lot of work. My favorite colors. I have those yellow ones two, but they are not out yet. Happy quilting and gardening. I will try to get out in mine again to tame it if it ever stops raining!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I always enjoy the garden photos! Look forward to seeing the Tee shirt quilt. Teddy is very patient!


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