Blocking a quilt

I need to get my quilt in the mail for the AQS show in Grand Rapids

The event is Wednesday, August 20 through Saturday, August 23, 2014,DeVos Place Convention Center,Grand Rapids, Michigan but they need the quilts in Paducah by Friday.   So once again I am scrambling to get it together on time.

I have to add, for people who have not seen this one before, it is hand quilted.

I had to wash it because I have brought it to several lecture/trunk shows and it got a bit dirty.    I wash it in the washing machine and dry in the dryer but that tends to contort it a bit.

I take the quilt out of the dryer while it is still a bit damp and pin it to the floor pulling out the wrinkles as I pin.   I pin it directly to the floor using T-pins.   Now don’t be scared that I am ruining the floor.  The floor is not a perfect hardwood floor.   It is pine and has lots of imperfections, cracks, gaps, scratches etc.  The house is 130 years old and there were 2 layers of linoleum and carpet and sub-floor nailed over it  so it it full of holes.   A good thing to use if you don’t have a floor to pin it to is Styrofoam insulation sheets.   They come in 4 x 8 foot sheets and are easy to pin into….but then you need to find a place to keep them.

Anyway I use T pins


They go into the floor and I add as many as It takes to get it to look nice and flat. (if this we just going on my bed, which it will after shows, I would just fully dry it and let the wrinkles work themselves out naturally)


After it is fully dry I will take out the pins and then any extra wrinkles will be steamed…that should take care of it and it will be ready pack for shipping.

I also have to pack this one


This one needs to have its hanging sleeve adjusted so it hangs better….right now it bunches up a bit on the right.

If you plan to go to the AQS show in Grand Rapids I would love to meet you.    I plan to be there for sure on Saturday Aug 23.  I will plan a time that I will be hanging out by my quilt and let you know when that will be in a later post.

Here are a bunch more pictures of the quilt drying (hopefully more entertaining than watching paint dry)….click on the pictures to enlarge

If you want to see how I did the Trapunto I did a short Video here 

Happy Quilting


24 thoughts on “Blocking a quilt

  1. Dawn Cooper says:

    Congratulations on getting both quilts in the Grand Rapids Show! I will be pulling for you especially with the trapunto quilt.

    Will you be attending the Des Moines show this year? I am attending,but I do not have a quilt in this year, missed the deadline! Hopefully next year though.

    Best of luck!!

    Dawn Cooper, BC

    • timquilts says:

      I am not sure about Des Moines yet…..I honestly can’t remember if I entered it there or not…I intended to do it but I keep missing deadlines so I am not sure

  2. Sandi says:

    Your quilting is amazing!!! I wish you good luck at the show!

  3. Heather says:

    Dear Tim,
    Your quilts are wonderful, I do hope they do very well at the show.
    I love the first one in particular, I can’t resist trapunto and French boutis, my real passion, they are stunning and so much fun to work on.
    Good luck !

  4. katechiconi says:

    I do WISH I wasn’t so far away… I’m in a rather isolated community in the northern tropics, and there isn’t much going on in the small quilting community here. The nearest decent sized show is once a year and about 900 miles south of us. I’d love the chance to see your quilts close up and talk to you about your technique and process.

    • timquilts says:

      wow 900 miles is a long way to go for a quilt show! thankfully the internet keeps us quilters in contact over many miles …..but hopefully a show will come closer to you some time soon

  5. Suzanne says:

    Wonderful you have two in the show! I am sure they will get the attention they deserve. I still think the white one is the ultimate quilt! So far anyway, you are so good and always keep amazing us all!

  6. John Putnam says:

    absolutely beautiful!!! looks like a winner to me.

  7. Chattanooga?

    Des Moines notices don’t go out for a while yet …

    Your hand quilting is superb … Best wishes to you and your quilts!

  8. Donna K says:

    Wow Tim. Those quilts are sooooo awesome. I get to see them in person at Grand Rapids!!! I had seen your name on the list of exhibitors and was wondering which you had entered. Thanks for the sneak peek.

    I have a couple in that show also. This is a first time for me at an AQS show so it’s all a new experience for me. My quilts are more normal/ or traditional if you will. They are nicely done but by no means winners, and that’s ok.
    Secretly, glad I don’t have one in the categories you entered. Yours are exquisite. I am so looking forward to seeing them and maybe you on Saturday at the show.

  9. Mary Ann says:

    Your quilts are gorgeous! Just found your blog thru Primitive Gatherings blog. I signed on as a follower so looking forward to reading your blog posts. I am not a blogger but love reading all the different blogs.

  10. Yikes! Thanks for mentioning deadline. I thought I had to ship my quilt by July 25. After seeing your post, I got my quilt (Rhett & Scarlet) packaged and shipped out today with one day to spare within allotted delivery deadline. I look forward to seeing your quilt in person at the show.

  11. Helen Beall says:

    Both beautiful!! Many thanks for the trapunto video. I made a pillow years ago, but I did not use roving or the tufting needle. Must try again.

    • timquilts says:

      Hope it works for you….it takes a bit of courage at first to stab into that backing, but after the initial feeling that you are doing it harm it goes better

  12. Deb says:

    The quilting is fantastic!!! Wishing you the best at the show!


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