Signature Block Piecing

yesterday I posted about the signature block exchange


I got started on  the top.

I have a vintage top that was the inspiration for what I am dong.

11-13-13 001

Here are a bunch of pictures of all the great fabrics in the antique top (click pictures to enlarge)  You can see that I love old fabric!

It is a very simple pattern.  Just a nine patch and a snowball

11-13-13 062 (2)

I am using reproduction fabric for my signature version.

I started with the snowball blocks with are the signature blocks

I cut the 2.5″ strips into 2.5″ squares.  I sew a square on the diagonal to the corner.

DSCN3698 DSCN3699

sew a square to each corner


cut off the corners


press open

DSCN3702 DSCN3703

and the rest of the blocks are simple  nine patch blocks

DSCN3704 DSCN3705

I have lots of nine patches to make …but all the signature blocks are done.


Happy quilting


17 thoughts on “Signature Block Piecing

  1. Jan Smith says:

    This will be such a pretty quilt. Good for you for starting on it right away!

  2. svqgail says:

    Love the signature blocks and your snowball and nine-patch design. What will you do with the bonus triangles? Would make a nice sawtooth border, maybe?
    Verona VA

    • timquilts says:

      I have the pile of triangles next to the machine…and I am really tempted to throw them out….but I cant do it …..some day I might use them for something…the are pretty small, but still stitchable

      • Lil Koster says:

        No, no! Don’t throw them out! While they’re still in pairs, sew along the diagonal edge and you’ll have HST units ready to go for a future project. (your 2 1/2” square would probably trim down to 1 3/4”’ – 1 1/4” finished size). You can use them for “leaders and enders” for chain-piecing your nine-patch blocks! Thanks to Bonnie Hunter ( for that tip!
        When I make snowball blocks, before I cut off the excess corners, I sew a second seam 1/2” away from the corner-to-corner diagonal seam, then press and trim to a usable size so the HST unit is ready to use whenever. Quilt on!

  3. bermudagirl says:

    Love the antique quilt top Tim. And the blocks are beautiful such nice fabric.

    • timquilts says:

      I really need to hand quilt that one….the fabrics are so cool…and you get really well acquainted with them while hand quilting

      • bermudagirl says:

        I know what you mean, getting acquainted! That is exactly what you do when you are hand quilting. As a whole, you may not get to appreciate the individual intricacies of each fabric (pardon the spelling) but when you are hand quilting, you get all ‘up close and personal 😉

  4. Mike Pearson says:

    Nice! Glad my John Hancock could be of use 🙂 I take my tiny scraps and throw them in a bucket. When the bucket gets full I take old pillow cases and fill them with this as stuffing. I sew it shut and take them to the local animal shelter to use for pet beds 🙂 Can’t wait to see this finished!… Mike.

  5. katechiconi says:

    This quilt is such a lovely idea. It made me think of doing a family one – there’s such a lot of us I’d have to keep the signature squares quite small!

  6. Rebecca says:

    I can see why you love the fabrics in the antique quilt! So many beautiful ones in it! I really like the fabrics you have chosen for your signature quilt, too. Is everyone doing the same pattern?

  7. Deb says:

    Love the vintage top! Thanks for sharing photos of the fabric!! I really enjoyed seeing the old fabrics. Your quilt is going to be lovely.

  8. […] Back in August of 2014 I started a signature quilt. (see that post here […]


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