Sunday updates

I made a bit of progress on the snowflake quilt.

DSCN3796 DSCN3795 DSCN3794

I spent the day Saturday at the AQS  show in Grand Rapids.    I had my doubts I would ever get there.  Road construction on I-96 had traffic at a dead stop and added 2 hours to the drive from Lansing to Grand Rapids.  I got there quite late on Saturday so I didn’t have a lot of time to spend looking at everything.

Here are my quilts at the show.

DSCN3793 DSCN3792

No ribbons 😦  but they go to Des Moines next for the AQS show there.

I told myself I was not going to buy anything since I really don’t need any new projects.   I’m sure you know that was a silly thought.

I needed a tote bag to carry my camera and phone and glucose meter  and notebook.  And as long as I was buying that I had to get the T-shirt to match


I had to buy some batting because I love Hobb’s Tuscany Silk and they had a great price…and why not try the cotton as well ( I have tried lots of cottons but not this one )


And since I had a bag to carry them in I bought a few fabric bundles.

DSCN3799 DSCN3800


I need to decide what to do with them but for the moment I think I will get back to hand quilting.

Happy Quilting



30 thoughts on “Sunday updates

  1. Helen Beall says:

    You add so much to the world of quilting that you deserve some treats. And with all your gorgeous work, who needs ribbons to prove it! Right, Teddy?

  2. Kristen says:

    Sorry about the show, Tim — I have my thoughts on that, will communicate separately. And of COURSE if you had the bag, a justified purchase, you had to FILL it — also quite justified.

  3. judithb59 says:

    I somehow missed the one quilt at AQS, but did see the scalloped edge one and took pictures of it. I was amazed/shocked that it didn’t have a ribbon attached. Some Judges just don’t have good taste is my opinion, as that one is one beautiful quilt indeed.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Your quilts were beautiful that you entered in the show. Am hoping for the best for you at the Des Moines show. I can’t pass up much either when I am surrounded by vendors! Love it!!

  5. Sara says:

    Can’t believe that they missed putting the ribbons on your quilts! But perhaps the Des Moines show will get it right!

  6. katechiconi says:

    You simply cannot go to a quilt show and not buy anything. I think your purchases were quite modest, considering! The standard at the show must be ridiculously high if your beautiful quilts didn’t win anything. Better luck at the next one!

  7. June Nixey says:

    I love the teeshirt Tim – on my blog recently I showed a photo of a cement lorry making a delivery in my street – and it had HUGE hexies painted on the side! Hexies are big in New Zealand too!

    • timquilts says:

      they had several to choose from, but this one has the dates and locations of all the shows this year on the back and I have had a quilt in almost all of them

      seems like Hexies are big everywhere…I must be the only quilter in the world who doesn’t want to make one…LOL too many seams to hand quilt over

  8. Mrs. Plum says:

    So sad your white whole cloth did not win a ribbon, Tim. I think it’s gorgeous! Got a good laugh from your comment on telling yourself you would not buy anything–it wouldn’t have worked for me, either. Besides, you had to have a reward after dealing with the blankety blank traffic, right?

  9. glendajean says:

    Hi Tim your quilts look so beautiful displayed how lovely it must have been to see them hung so beautifully. Snow flacks is growing so fast it is stunning. Cheers Glenda. PS great TShirt too????

  10. Your work should have gotten a ribbon! Just beautiful quilting!

  11. Jill says:

    I looked for you on Saturday morning, and now I realize you were stuck in that traffic. I had to leave early afternoon and took an long alternate route home to metro Detroit. Lots of eye candy at the show. I came home with fabric and two patterns. I wanted to buy so much more!

    • timquilts says:

      sorry I missed you 😦 the traffic was really bad….but I also went a different way home and it was much better!

      I could have come home with a car full myself…glad you found patterns and fabric….Maybe we can meet there next year 🙂

  12. Rose in VT says:

    Your quilts are beautiful. I was struck by your comment on Molli Sparkles blog regarding quilt pricing. Would you ever care to write a post about how you go about pricing quilts? The article in Quilters Newsletter about Valuing our quilts has also sparked much discussion lately. In trying to come up with my own strategy, I’m finding a huge difference between quilts for show, utility, bed and especially miniatures.
    BTW have you considered showing the white quilt at Quilters Gathering? I think it would do well there.

    • timquilts says:

      Well If I ever figure out the right way for me to price a quilt I will post about it. hand quilting takes so long…..If I charged a fair rate for it my white quilt would be $65,700 for labor of the hand quilting and Trapunto…needless to say that quilt wont be put up for sale …I really am torn about selling any of them but some extra money helps to buy more materials…..but I never make on with the intention of selling it. I am not sure what quilters gathering is but I will look it up

      • Rose in VT says:

        It’s a show in New Hampshire coming up in November. Entry deadline is Sept. 15th, so you have time. Would love to see the white quilt there. I like shows that have numbers of hand quilted quilts, as there are so many large shows catering to machine quilters.

      • timquilts says:

        It seems like in most shows there are only a few that are hand quilted , and many do not have a hand quilted category at all…I will look up the rules for this one and see If I can get it in

  13. Pippa moss says:

    I have bought a lone star top….now choices…at FOQ I bought perle cotton….big stitch?….may also want to do fmq feathers a la Patsy Thompson…I feel sample pieces coming on….thanks for your inspiration re old tops…..

    • timquilts says:

      great!…..I think deciding on the quilting style/thread/batting/ is fun….the old tops are fun to quilt or as I call it “save” looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  14. Donna K says:

    Hi Tim

    I also saw your quilts at the show, they are beautiful. It was so fun for me to see them in person. The whole ribbon thing escapes me especially after seeing some of the ribbon winners. I don’t think the judges really looked at quality and workmanship as the first bar to set. Some of the winners did not fit that first bar.

    While I admit that raw edge appliqué is a force now in the quilting world I don’t think that type of quilting should be able to compete with traditional pieced, hand quilted, or appliqued pieces. To me, raw edge appliqué is like a twelve year old cutting construction paper and gluing it down. Where is the skill in that? Yes, fabric choices and color placement do make a huge difference but REALLY? I read on someone else’s blog about that subject and he said that he does not respect that form of quilting. I am borrowing his term, I don’t respect it either.

    I think Grand Rapids judges are more of a new age artsy f….. set of folks. Some one in the know did tell me that. Oh well. You make and create what drives you and you do it perfectly and should really be proud of that. We out here in blogland love what you do.

    Your quilts are awesome. I loved to see in person the evenness of your quilting.

    When you were picking up your quilts at the end of the show I was the one in line who jumped over and introduced myself. So glad to have briefly met you and shake your hand. Good luck at Des Moines!


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