Teddy the Quilt Model

Teddy is a real character.   Whenever I take the quilt out of the hoop he thinks I am going to take pictures and he gets excited.   If he sees me with the camera he really gets excited and wants to pose.

Last night I started work on hand quilting the wonky nine patch quilt.

Here it is pin basted….I use very few pins…..the hoop holds the layers together the pins just keep it in place until it is in the hoop


I am doing wavy lines for the quilting…no marking , just wavy lines with #8 perle cotton thread and a size 5 embroidery needle.


Today when I took it out of the hoop to move to the next spot Teddy decided it was time for him to pose.  here are the pictures from his photo shoot

He really does model like a pro 😉

Happy Quilting


24 thoughts on “Teddy the Quilt Model

  1. Mary says:

    Teddy dressed in matching colors, too.

  2. Anne Kasten says:

    I love the way he shows you his left side as well as his right…..

  3. Shirley says:

    I think you need to get Teddy an agent! LOL

  4. Renie says:

    Gosh Tim—-you can put that pup to work!!!

  5. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    I love that dog!!

  6. Darlynn says:

    being a 100% total dog lover and quilter, Teddy is awesome with your quilting be a close second!

  7. chris says:

    Oh I love that Teddy poses!!! What a ham! and so cute! Thanks Tim.

  8. Colleen says:

    My westie girl thinks teddy is adorable :o) Love the wonky quilting! Looks awesome.

  9. Teddy is totally photogenic, and has great taste in quilts! Both are lovely, Tim.

  10. katechiconi says:

    And he’s always so nicely colour coordinated; clearly a Quilt Inspector of great taste and discernment!

    • timquilts says:

      it worked out well that he was dressed to match…..Im planning a quilt made of all his old scarfs….I have about 48 of them so far…he gets a new one each time he gets groomed

  11. Prue says:

    Darling Teddy!

  12. Love visiting your blog – the quilts alone would bring me by daily, but Teddy adds SO much. Love your work!


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