Wonky Nine Patch Quilted

I finished hand quilting the wonky nine patch last night.    Now don’t say I can’t believe how fast you quilt….I worked on it almost non stop since I started, (about 60 hours), and it is a small quilt and the quilting is very simple.

I used Hobb’s Tuscany Silk batting on this one and it quilts like a dream.

Here it is with the quilting finished before the binding is done


I trimmed the backing and batting leaving 2 inches of backing beyond the top


I fold the backing over 2 times and then sew to the top to make the binding.

after that was done I put it in the wash (delicate setting).   I wanted to get the crinkled look that is caused by the shrinkage of the batting.    The silk batting shrinks quite a bit.    Before washing the quilt was 50″ x 60″  now it is 45″ x 55″  I love the look and now that it is washed, and dried in the dryer on low temp, it is soft and has the most amazing drape.


The quilting is simple wavy lines using red perle cotton thread #8 and a size 5 embroidery needle.

DSCN4177 DSCN4174

The backing is a plaid flannel


I might add a hanging sleeve and use it as a wall hanging….

a few more pictures

DSCN4180 DSCN4179 DSCN4178
Happy Quilting


44 thoughts on “Wonky Nine Patch Quilted

  1. Prairie Quilter/Nebraska says:

    That soft, wrinkled look is what I love about hand quilted quilts. It seems to give them an aged, well-loved, cozy feeling.

  2. Jeanette says:

    Teddy didn’t pose with this one ? Doesn’t he approve ?

  3. Bonnie says:

    I always wash my quilts, especially gift quilts. This way folks aren’t surprised after they wash it the first time.

  4. Deb says:

    Wow, I “love “the way this turned out for you!!! I’m also discovering that I’m a turtle in handquilting… Sure glad I’m not in a race ! 🙂

  5. Vicki Harrell says:

    Don’t understand how big your quilting stitches are. How many per inch. Never seen anything quilted like that by hand. I think it is really cool. “Out of the box”!!!.

    • timquilts says:

      the stitches are not very big….6 or 7 per inch I think….which is bigger than with normal thread and a small needle but I dont make the stitches as big as some do….which is why I prefer to call it big thread quilting rather than big stitch quilting

  6. Rose in VT says:

    Wow, had no idea silk batting shrinks that much, good to know since I have one sitting downstairs…It looks beautiful that way.
    But I was still looking for Teddy as I paged down!
    Looks like I’ll have to come up with a top for that silk batting one of these days.

  7. laura fisher says:

    interesting that you use silk batting, as a non quilter, this is new idea to me. How does it wash, does it need special treatment, how does it wear? used to cotton batting in antique quilts mostly, should silk interior be treated differently?


    Laura Fisher FISHER HERITAGE cell: 917/797-1260

    web: http://www.laurafisherquilts.com email: fisherheritage@yahoo.com

    facebook: Laura Fisher Quilts

    • timquilts says:

      I’m relatively new to silk batting, this is the second quilt I have used it on. It does have 10% poly in it which keeps the fibers from migrating and bunching up. The official recommendations from the manufacturer (Hobbs) is to hand wash and air dry…..I talked with the rep at the AQS show in Grand Rapids last year and she said she has machine washed it and so I gave it a try and loved it. I quilt fairly densely so that helps keep the batting from bunching and migrating so I feel pretty safe machine washing on delicate cycle and dry in the dryer….so I treat it the same as cotton…..the softness and drape of silk is just amazing….I still like cotton for my antique tops because it is much more authentic for the period, but for the new ones I think I will always use silk….

  8. Dorothy says:

    Oh-h-h, I like the way your Wonky Nine Patch quilt finished up. Interesting how the Silk Batting helped with the expected shrinking. Need to keep this in mind when choosing batting in the future. Thank you Tim for sharing.

  9. Sandy says:

    Looks like a totally different quilt after washed & dried. You’re amazing!
    Does Teddy like the finished product!

  10. Lorij says:

    I like this quilt. It reminds me of quilts when I was a little girl. I have 3 tops that I could not decode how to finish now I know. This is exactly how they must be done.
    I have sent you a picture of my first wall hanging. These windmills started as a whole cloth quilt but, the more I looked at it seemed it should be small. The back is eagles and the binding is lightweight denim, tan gabardine and deep red calico. I put the name and date on the bottom eagle side. It’s not perfect but for my first try at this I’m pleased. I hope the pictures come because I’ve never sent pictures to a famous person before at their site. Thanks for all your encouragement.

  11. Lorij says:

    I tried, what’s the email address?

  12. Sharron Evans says:

    I love the way it crinkled up! It gave the quilt so much more personality!

  13. audrey says:

    What a fabulous finish! Love how this batting shrinks up and gives so much texture. Really fun quilt! So, if you aren’t a ‘fast’ quilter, then you must be extremely focused.:)

    • timquilts says:

      focused for sure!….when I get going it is all I can think about or do……so it seems fast…….but not really fast just crazed. I love the silk batting….definitely will use it a lot in the future

  14. Debbie says:

    When I first saw the picts. of your quilt, I thought UG-LY!!! Now I am ashamed! This is beautiful! Especially after it was washed. You do beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

  15. ilham says:

    Your blog is lovely and a well of inspiration and a mine of information.

    Wow you definitely quilt in a different league. How do you manage to wrap up projects so fast? If I may ask, when you are hand quilting do you listen to music/TV or do you work in silence?

  16. Your quilt looks wonderful. I have used silk batting once but as the quilt top was silk as well, I had the quilt dry cleaned. I only used the batting because of the top but after seeing how beautiful your quilt looks, I will be using it again!

  17. Tim, have you ever had colors run in any of the quilts you toss in the washer after quilting?

    • timquilts says:

      one quilt had some of the blue fabric bleed through to the backing……of course that had to be one I quilted for someone else! washed it again and most of it came out. it was a vintage top and really did need to be washed. with new fabric I never had any problem. My new trick is a few tablespoons of dawn dish washing liquid (the original blue kind) in the wash water……it keeps the dye from re-absorbing into the fabric….on a few of the antiques I have used synthrapol in the wash and very hot water…..mostly on those with red…..I should have done that with the one that did run….but I was sure that it wouldn’t be a problem….Lots of people swear by the color catchers but The really don’t work…they come out very colored so they do absorb some dye but they dont keep the dye from being absorbed by other fabrics

  18. dljolin says:

    Wonderful piece! Love the finished look. Have a silk batt but have not tried it yet. Bought a small antique piece-about lap size?- at a show this past weekend (for $40!) might try the silk on this piece then. You’ve inspired me.
    When you sew your binding like this -back to front-do you hand sew it also?

  19. Glenda says:

    Tim the more I look at this Art Quilt the more I liken it. Love the way the blue keeps drawing your eye back to the centre. Cheers Glenda Australia

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks!…..I had to really think about how the blue and the light green were placed…..glad you like the placement….I wanted that to draw the eye in…sounds like it worked


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