Fabric Temptation

I realized that if I am going to enter my Snowflake quilt in the AQS show in Lancaster next year I will need to finish it by Nov 6 .   Yikes!

Lots of quilting to go!

I really do want to make this one

fall idea

But I will finish the snowflake first.

Temptation is strong to work on the new one

I have some fabrics ready


The picture doesn’t do them justice, they are actually brighter, but you can get the idea.

perhaps just a few blocks?

I’ll let you know next time

Happy Quilting



22 thoughts on “Fabric Temptation

  1. Sara says:

    That looks like a Halloween Corn Candy quilt! Better step it up on the snowflake! 🙂

  2. Annette says:

    Love the colors – almost like candy corn.

  3. Patty Gal says:

    Twelve days, Tim. Get busy!!!

  4. Jeanette says:

    You can do it, Tim ! we all have faith in you !

  5. katechiconi says:

    Oh, please don’t pass up the chance to share Snowflake with so many people! I know your planned quilt in all those gorgeous pumpkin colours is very alluring, but can’t it wait a few more days…?

  6. Helen says:

    Oh, my, Tim! I think we will quite understand if you won’t blog until Nov 6!! And It is something as a “principle of quilting” or “law of quilting” that when there is a deadline to meet or simply something to be finished, something else is tempting us…. And we say: oh, just one block, just a sample block. – and that’s it – not a chance to resist!
    So, be strong!!
    Best wishes!

  7. Kris B says:

    Decision made–I’m going to Lancaster next year specifically to see your quilt! It is a masterpiece. It’s a tight deadline but I know you’ll “get ‘er done”!

  8. Rose in VT says:

    Tim: I do some of my best work on deadline, so I have faith you’ll make it. However it is an ambitious one! And I like the candy corn analogy for the other one…

  9. Ginney says:

    Those new fabrics are pretty and that will be a great quilt. But patience on the snowflake……keep plugging along!

  10. Barbara Wellman says:

    Quilt man quilt!!!!
    I know the desire to jump from one project to another, I do it often. I find a deadline the best incentive to stay with one. That also is when more ideas flood my mind. Your next quilt is perfect for fall but seeing the reindeer in the competition (and selling pattern) will bring its own rewards.
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring work.


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