More Piecing

I got a few blocks done yesterday.

Sewing 2 inch by 18 inch strips of the darker colors together  and 5 of the light   I can get one block.

here are the prices


here are the templates I cut


when I cut out the pieces I end up with some leftovers


they should be fun to make into another quilt.

the blocks can be arranged in different ways….I need to press them so pretend they are flat 🙂

DSCN4673 DSCN4672 DSCN4671 DSCN4670

I will make all the blocks and then play with different arrangements ….it will likely end up being a combination of all ….I am in an asymmetrical mood.

I took these pictures and went to the computer to download them and Teddy was jumping up and down and pawing at me.   He was telling me that I forgot to take his picture….so I took a few pictures and he was happy.     He really is a character!

Happy Quilting!


17 thoughts on “More Piecing

  1. Deb says:

    I really like the strips, and the colors are perfect for fall. Teddy is charming this morning. Brought a smile to my face. 🙂

  2. Régina says:

    Very nice, thank you for showing how you go about this – and hi to Teddy!

  3. Catherine S. says:

    that is a stunning quilt you are starting. I think your Teddy pup is a wonderful friend and he looks like a pro quilt inspector. have fun with your new quilt. I am nuts about your snowflake quilt!

  4. Jan Smith says:

    Cool quilt – I strive to emulate you in economical use of fabric for a project. Teddy is indeed a card; I just love seeing his pics!

  5. Barbara Favreau says:

    I sure you hope to quilt that with leaves as a pattern – they would look great on those fall colors!

  6. Julie Porter says:

    I like asymmetric too but I have trouble with my brain which seems to compete with my desire for asymmetric and random. I want to create aasymtric/ japanese pattern for a black and white quilt. How to you achieve this or do you have a mind that fights against ordered pattern ?

  7. JudieBee says:

    Hi Tim. I’ve looked thru a good bit of your prior posts to find the batting you used in the snowflake quilt but alas…I can’t find that info. Would you mind terribly telling us again? Thank you!

  8. Nancy says:

    Love the work in progress! I also have a white Schnauzer!!! She is 11 and her name us Lily.


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