Snowflakes and quilts

It is that time of year again.   People are getting ready for winter and the winter holidays.    Every winter I make snowflakes.

Here is a how to post I did a while back.

I have had so many people viewing the snowflake posts that I have done that I am planning to make a set of patterns.    I made a new one last night


and I will be making more soon.

I did a bit more piecing.   I have had some questions about how the blocks go together and how I did the design.

First I had the idea in my head.    It is based on a quilt that I made a few years ago.    It was a vintage top that I hand quilted.

finishing-binding 025

Old quilts are great inspiration for new designs.

I made a mock-up on the computer…from there I made a few changes in my head

fall idea

After I decided how I would make it I cut templates from template plastic.   I bought 10 half yards of fabric.  5 light and 5 dark,   I am cutting 2 inch strips of 5 fabrics and sewing them together into sets (light and dark)

Here is a light set with the templates set to trace


I trace the template with a sharpie


and I cut them all out with scissors ( I only use a rotary cutter for straight lines)

here is the layout with both the dark and the light sets cut


then sew them together


I finished 8 so far…here are a few possible layouts.  The color in the first 2 is about right, I am not sure what I did on the next 2  (click pictures to enlarge)

Teddy is learning how to get even more attention.   His new trick is to get in my chair.    I sit in this chair when I hand quilt so he sees me there a lot.   It is also where I sit when I am at the computer.

Now it is also where Teddy sits when he thinks he needs some extra attention….which of course he always gets….I think he wants to make sure I don’t forget who is in charge 🙂

Back to work…..I need to get the pattern made for the snowflake quilt


Finish piecing the batik quilt


Finish repair on the sunflower quilt


Finish hand quilting these


and several more…..I never have to worry about running out of projects

Happy Quilting


28 thoughts on “Snowflakes and quilts

  1. susan says:

    Love receiving you emails. Your creativity and drive astound me….no wonder Teddy sits in your chair at times…haha.
    Love Love Love the snowflake wall hanging and look forward to your snowflake patterns when available.
    I hate to gush each time I write but am a fan, big time..
    Best to you and yours…xox

  2. Annette, NC says:

    Your snowflakes and quilts are the greatest. I just love them. But I am also glad to see that someone else has lots of projects in various stages too. I am quilting 2 different quilts at the same time. JUST finished a tee-shirt quilt. I have one Hawaiian applique quilt that I am prepping for the applique. And I have one leaf applique quilt that I take on trips. And I have some EPP hexies that I also do on car trips. AND I am hand piecing a Nancy Drew quilt for my granddaughter. I am glad that I am not alone LOL

  3. Lorij says:

    Hi Tim, you remind me of how you make sure a saying the older folk used to have does not identify you. They would say, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Then they’d find something else for us to do.
    He sure will have trouble trying to set up shop at your place.😊 Lord, you stay busy and that’s good. A busy mind and busy hands keep folks out of trouble and combats laziness, pain and depression.
    I have a lot of things going also. I’m nearly finished with my youngest Granddaughter’s Christmas quilt. I’m making blocks for another quilt, and making repairs on the oldest Granddaughter’s quilt, and, just finished a suit for myself. Even when things aren’t going as we would like in life, sewing and quilting seem to make whatever is out of order so much easier to bear.
    You do some beautiful work. And, you are so quick too. You are also wonderful inspiration. Your parents must be mighty proud.
    Teddy seems to be a lot of company and a wonderful helper.
    I enjoy your posts and, the beautiful things you make. Your flowers are so pretty and I really enjoyed seeing your garden. I hope your winter is not real bad this year. Where I am today the weather was gorgeous and 65. The nights have gotten cold though.
    Happy quilting, Lorij

    • timquilts says:

      sounds like you have the multitasking bug too. I think if I didn’t have a million things to do I would feel lost 🙂 there are so many ideas in my head that there is never enough time to do them all

  4. Rose in VT says:

    Tim: You clearly don’t have enough to do…:) That angel design is beautiful. Glad to hear that my cat isn’t the only one who has to sit
    in his ‘owners’ chair. Or on my quilt project. I guess they like our scent?

    • timquilts says:

      some day I hope I can get all of the projects done so I can start a bunch of new projects……one is that I want to re cover my chair…..wonder if he will approve

  5. Very much like Michael James’ quilts.

  6. T. Nichols says:

    Tim your an inspiration and your work is amazing….. I happen to be a one project at a time person and never leave something undone. It’s nice to see another busy body person like myself. Good luck on your showings!

  7. Valerie Maxwell says:

    LOVE the new angel snowflake !

  8. Pam G. says:

    Speechless again! Your work and creativity is just amazing. I too love your posts – gives me great incentive.

  9. Girl in the stix says:

    Hi, Tim and Teddy!
    I love all the beautiful quilts–you are so talented! I think the snowflake designs would make a beautiful holiday Baltimore applique quilt–has that ever crossed your mind? Thanks for sharing all your wonderful quilts!

  10. audrey says:

    You are always busy and productive. The new quilt is rich looking and beautiful! Always a pleasure to see what’s happening over here in your corner of blogland.:)

  11. quiltsalott says:

    Your snowflake quilt is very beautiful, I can see this is a style you’re keen to pursue, the possibilities are endless. Love seeing all that you’re working on and love seeing Teddy as always.

  12. Neame says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m gaga over your new snowflake and panting for the pattern. So beautiful and so unique.
    I’m a one at a time person with a long bucket list. My work for quiet time is hand piecing easy blocks from scraps. I long to be as dedicated as you.

  13. Katie says:

    All of those settings are very cool. You have a tough decision! As always, I enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.


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