Back to the lily quilt

Back to work on the lily quilt.   Here is the starting point
basket of lilies basted 001

It is a good-sized quilt 86″ x 86″.

I started hand quilting this vintage top, purchased from eBay a few years ago,  in March with every intention of finishing it quickly but it kept getting pushed back.

Since it has been so long here is the post about how I started it.

And here is the post about how I tackled the bias edge problem that caused all those puckers.

These old tops always seem to have at least a few areas that need some work.

I have to finish the sashing and it will finally be done!   here are some pictures (click pictures to enlarge)

I plan to use yellow for the binding….which should happen in a few days

Happy Quilting

PS  Teddy didn’t want his picture taken today, his allergy medication makes him very sleepy

12 thoughts on “Back to the lily quilt

  1. Kristen says:

    Yay! I’ve always been rooting for the Lily “Quilting Through Concrete” quilt, and you’re almost there. It’s so soothing and sweet, so ’30s, those colors, those printes — I trust you have an appropriately mellow yellow for the binding. And I hope the binding isn’t like quilting through concrete. Such a lovely one.

    • timquilts says:

      I had the perfect yellow…..and I used it 😦 hope the shop still has some in stock. It is like concrete with that horrid backing fabric! Live and learn……free is not always a good deal

  2. Sandra B says:

    The Lily Quilt is looking great! I had forgotten about seeing it back when you first posted about it….this is one of my favorite block patterns.
    I hope Teddy is feeling better!

  3. Kristen Steiner says:

    Tim, WordPress has locked me out, told me I was putting up comments too fast. The notice said, “Slow down.” And it has not let me post since. Anyway, probably a one-off. Here is my response to your response.

    Yes, I thought of you when I was rolling up my quilts in sheets for storage — even on the lower thread count, wow, what a pain to work with. Fingers crossed for the yellow still being in stock.


  4. I really appreciate your documentation of dealing with bias setting squares. Filing it away in my notebook on vintage top restoration.

  5. sewfrench says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that keeps setting quilts aside to start something else, LOL!
    Creativity wins, again. Nice fix on the bias blocks.

    • timquilts says:

      It is a symptom of too many ideas ….just too hard to stick to just one 🙂 but isn’t it fun to go back to an old one and rediscover why you started it in the first place?

  6. says:

    Hi Tim, I bought an applique quilt that is about 80 yrs old. ?? There is a dark tan color where it has been folded for a long time. It seems to be cotton with a cotton batting. All hand done. What would you suggest to get the stain out? Thanks, Linda


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