Milestone and Snowfkakes

I have been looking at my blog stats and it has reached a milestone.

million stats

It is hard to see the numbers in this screen shot… gets bigger if you click on it…but in summary   my first year of blogging was 2011 , I got a total of 16,705 views and average day was 58 views.    this year so far 426,553 views and an average of 1,337 per day.

All that adds up to this

one million

1,001,571 views to date.

I am just amazed that my blog has had over one million views.    Thank you all for following!!

I think a lot of the credit goes to a very special quilt inspector.


Here he is this morning with the quilt I am working on.

I started the quilt back in march and It is really hard going to get it done!    I foolishly used bad backing fabric. I buy a lot of vintage quilt tops on eBay and one of the came with a backing fabric.    It is a very tightly woven cotton poly blend.   Not the right fabric for quilts but I saved it.    I knew it was a bad Idea when I started and I did it anyway because I wanted to start and I had the fabric on hand.   The backing fabric is so hard to quilt!   I can normally quilt for hours and hours without any problem, but this one is so hard on my hands….they get so tired because the fabric is so much like quilting through cement.

While working on the quilt I find that I need to take breaks.   I have been making snowflakes in between quilting.   Part of what I see from the site stats is that my snowflake posts are among the most popular and since it is getting to be that time of year I am making more….with the aim of making patterns from them.   (how to make a snowflake post here)

Here are a few I made this weekend  (click pictures to enlarge)

my hands are rested now so back to that quilt

Happy Quilting


58 thoughts on “Milestone and Snowfkakes

  1. Carolanne says:

    I think it means you need to write a book! Love your snowflakes.

  2. Wanda says:

    The snowflakes are outstanding. Your talents know no bounds. Any of those would make stunning wholecloth wall hangings with trapunto, I am so glad you are intending to make patterns out of at least some of them. Congratulations on going over 1 million views! I look forward to all your new postings and pictures and really can’t pick a favorite. I like your quilts, your garden, and sweet Teddy. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.

  3. Sara says:

    Congrats! So maybe you need to quit posting pictures of Teddy and see if there is a drop! LOL! Love your snowflakes!

  4. Karin Peirce says:

    I’m sure you are right about Teddy, having such a brilliant quilt inspector does give your posts even more appeal, but you certainly are an amazing quilter. I have been computerless for months so i have lots to catch up on…It is a treat to see Teddy, front and center.

  5. Mrs. Plum says:

    I’m very impressed with your snowflakes, Tim! They are so creative and perfect. Congrats on your blog stats. Though I love seeing photos of Teddy, I enjoy seeing your quilting more.

  6. susan says:

    So happy for your successes, which are so richly deserved.
    At the Houston IQA show this month I stopped at a thread booth to look for hand quilting thread. while checking out I explained about you and the snowflake you have been working on. the lady had heard of you!!!! isn’t that wonderful to know your name is making the rounds…I feel so fortunate to have found you and your creativity….xox

  7. Pam G. says:

    Congrats on the stats! I know I’ve shared you blog with a couple of friends. The snowflakes are so awesome! Hello to sweet Teddy.

  8. bermudagirl says:

    Yes, Teddy and any animal are excellent ‘tools’ for ‘promoting’ your posts. Too bad I don’t have a dog of my own. I know those stats are good motivators. So what kind of batting do you normally use?

    • timquilts says:

      I use different batting for different projects. I like hobb’s Tuscany wool the best for whole cloth, I love silk….Natures touch cotton, mountain mist cream rose, Hobb’s Tuscany Cotton, Even poly…..depends on the quilt.

      • bermudagirl says:

        Oh I think I heard about that Tuscany cotton from Andi Perejda’s Heirloom Quilting Craftsy class. And I have heard how lovely it is to quilt with silk batting, want to try it, though I haven’t seen it over here yet.

        So another (annoying) question. Why do you like the tuscany wool for whole cloth?

      • timquilts says:

        the Tuscany Wool is a breeze to quilt through….it also has a nice loft and really shows off the quilting. With whole cloth the only pattern is the quilting and the loft from the batting really shows off the design. I find that there is no shrinkage when washed so no distortion of the pattern ….some really like poly for whole cloth for these reasons but I like the Wool because it is not as hot as poly…..a quilt with wool breathes ….cool in summer warm in winter……Tuscany is better than the Heirloom Wool in my opinion because it is more uniform, and it is folded for packaging rather than rolled so it opens up ready to go…..the rolled battings I Find need to be unrolled and allowed several days to relax to become flat enough to use.

      • susan says:

        Wow – I had no idea wool would be a good all around batting. I always think of “itchy” clothes when I think of wool. and you can wash it too…how wonderful. thanks.

      • timquilts says:

        it surprised me too the first time I tried it!!

      • bermudagirl says:

        Wow that was a really thorough reply, that is really interesting, I use a folded cotton, quilter’s dream, so that is interesting to know about the rolled ones. I would certainly go with that Tuscany Wool, in my mind natural is always better, at least when we are talking about heirloom utility quilts. Thanks so much for all that information, have you written a post on that, if not you should, you’ve already done half the work! Thanks Tim!

      • timquilts says:

        I did a post about batting a while back but I should do a new one since I have tried a few more since then

  9. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for sharing your pattern and instructions. I have never seen anything like them.

  10. Lorij says:

    Hi Tim, I went into a quilt shop on Thursday, and I shared your site with the sales person there. She was sooooo impressed with your snowflake quilt and, many of the others that I shared with her. She too thought you should win top prize for that lovely quilt. Teddy may well be a draw but, your work is so gorgeous that even without Teddy your following would still be phenomenal. The Bible says that our gift makes room for us. And your gift is certainly sure to open many doors for you. Blessings, Lorij

  11. Thunder says:

    We follow you because you are AWESOME!
    Teddy is a bonus.

  12. Robert says:

    Wonderful stats for the blog and followers. Interesting to see your snowflakes – have a very good friend that cuts them also – even to the point of ending up of Martha Stewarts show for a 5 to 10 minute segment a couple years back. It’s an amazing hobby to combine it to the quilt you hand quilted. Take care and keep stitchin. . . .

  13. Tim, it’s cause you’re awesome. That is all! I love your snowflakes, too. Congratulations, dear heart! I love your work and your blog.

  14. Glennis Salls says:

    Tim, I was wondering about the backing fabric that is making your work tough. I had a piece of fabric that I added to a block and it felt stiff and different than the other fabrics. I sprayed it with water and pressed it with iron and it changed the way it felt. I don’t know but I think it was stiff from sizing.

    • timquilts says:

      sizing will do that….that is why I always pre wash all my fabric…make them all softer and easier to quilt… backing fabric is not stiff it is just too densely woven (too high a thread count)

  15. katechiconi says:

    Congratulations on reaching a massive milestone. Your following is richly deserved, your work is outstanding, and you have the nicest quilt inspector I’ve ever seen. Please will you draw up all your snowflake designs, make a pdf document to sell, and then we can all have a little bit of festive beauty round our houses too.

  16. Nancy says:

    Tim… while your entire post today was awesome, I especially locked in on the opinion you gave for rolled vs. folded battings. I recently bought the Tuscany wool batt to try with hand quilting a bed size quilt. I see I made a good choice. BTW, I have a friend whose specialty is doing names in snowflakes (like TIm or Teddy). Congrats on your blog milestone! I’m sure you shared the good news with Teddy.

  17. Cheri Pickett says:

    Hi Tim!
    Are you a self taught snowflake maker? They are extremely impressive. Also, congrats to you and Teddy on the 1million hits. How awesome is that?!?
    Take care.

    Cheri P

    • timquilts says:

      when I was in Grade School Sister Rose Ellen taught us how to make snowflakes….I have been doing it ever since and adding my own styles … that would be about 40 years of cutting

  18. Donna holzman says:

    My second hand quilted quilt was all hand done and I knew nothing about what fabric to use .I found a yellow I wanted for the background and it was upholstery fabric, didn’t think it mattered it did when I quilted it . I broke a few needles and couldn’t quilt for a long time but I finished it in about a year and a half. Put a lot of quilting in it but now when I look at it I love it more and am so glad I finished it ,it’s the best quilt I own in my opinion . I learned to buy good fabric ,the next one I do will be easier for sure. Love. Your sharing and admire your work, and appreciate your work more that you will ever know. Thanks

  19. Deb says:

    Congratulations on the stats!! You give inspiration and Teddy adds the charm.thanks for taking the time to share!

  20. Kristen says:

    Go Sister Rose Ellen — let us offer up props to her as well! Congrats on the million milestone. That’s amazing. It doesn’t see all that long since you started.

    • timquilts says:

      she really was a great artist herself… least my 4th grade mind thought so……wonder if any of my classmates ever made another snowflake after that class

      It really does seem like only months since my first post rather than years

  21. Dorothy says:

    Tim, you are so amazing, I really like your snowflakes. The angels are so beautiful. Congrats on your latest milestone, you are doing very well. Thank you for sharing Teddy with us. He is so adorable, for a guy. I know, that was a low shot. Keep warm.

  22. Barbara Wellman says:


  23. Susan Dileanis says:

    You and Teddy rock! It is no surprise that your blog has so many followers. I have told several friends.

  24. audrey says:

    Why do we do that, use a fabric that is so hard to hand quilt? I guess we need to be reminded so we won’t do it again.:) Love your snowflakes. They are wonderfully detailed. Oh, and your Lily quilt is looking fabulous with all the stitching! Always interesting to see what you’re working on next.


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