20 to go

I have worked on the lily quilt and have 20 sashing strips left to hand quilt.  That is down from 29 the last time I posted about it.


20 strips translates to about 20 hours of quilting so I think I can get it done this week.

Teddy is testing it out

more progress pictures soon

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “20 to go

  1. li says:

    Hi Tim,
    I am really enjoying these posts on your latest work. Came across a lovely double wedding ring where some of the muslin larger pieces have yellowed a bit. I was wondering if there is a soak or treatment you recommend to clean these areas a bit. The fabrics used in the top are so wonderful that they invite hand quilting. It will go on the rack as soon as I treat it and it dries.
    Thanks for this great blog.

    • timquilts says:

      I never do any washing on the top….I hand quilt it all first. the quilting adds strength to the top, and prevents fraying and distortion. When all the quilting is done and it is bound I wash in the washing machine ….usually just with normal detergent….plus a few tablespoons of Dawn dishwashing liquid which prevents stray dye from reabsorbing into other fabrics….if there are spots that dont come out I wash again….I have used oxiclen to spot treat before washing…..I also dry in the dryer….

  2. Kristen says:

    Go, Tim, go! Quilt, Tim, quilt! Man, that does sound like the time it would take to quilt through cement. You’ll be Tim Latimer, Hand Quilter and Cement Master. From his gaze, Teddy seems to be giving it two paws up so far — good luck.

  3. Deb says:

    Kristen commented ” Tim Latimer, hand quilter, Cement Master”… Oh yea, and congratulations on a new title! Lol!

  4. Looking good! Quilt and Teddy!


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