New Hoop

I am a frequent visitor to eBay.   I have been trying to be conservative and not buy every quilt top I see.   Last week I looked at Quilting hoops.
I have a very nice one already.


It came from Ydoer Department Store.   They had a booth at AQS in Grand Rapids MI a few years ago and I couldn’t pass it up.

It took a few days of steady quilting to get used to it.    I had been quilting in a hand-held hoop and It is a bit different to use a hoop on a stand.

I really love it, I like the large size of the hoop (22 inches) and I like to have the weight of the quilt supported by the stand. The only drawback is that the stand is a bit short for me and I tend to get a stiff back after several hours.

So back to eBay…..I looked at several different brands and saw some great options.   The one I decided on was a Grace Hoop2   Not an inexpensive item when purchased new ($300 for the stand and $100 for the hoop) but this one was a real deal at $150 for both and free shipping.


It is adjustable in height and folds up flat, you can see all the features on the Grace website  (I am not affiliated with Grace ….just and FYI link)

Teddy was very interested in what I was doing.


Mine is unfinished so I think I will stain and varnish it…..some day 😉    and I do like a larger hoop so I might buy the larger size (24″) but I think I am going to like it.   I can have 2 quilts going at once and not have to keep switching back and forth in the same hoop.


once I had a quilt in it Teddy understood what was happening and decided he needed another picture.


I have 9 blocks quilted in the Luxury Essentials quilt.


It is hard to see in the picture …here is the back


Only 40 blocks to go ….

Back to work for me

Happy Quilting



38 thoughts on “New Hoop

  1. herkyhawk says:

    Can you tip that hoop towards you?


  2. Lorij says:

    Hi Tim, I have a Hinderberg standing hoop. Remember I asked what to do with the part of the quilt that hangs when quilting it is adjustable. It’s very easy to use. It is also 22 inches wide. Maybe one day I week be able to get the larger one. Did you get the pictures of the quilt I sent to you? Happy quilting😄

  3. Patty Gal says:

    Hi Tim. I had a floor hoop but sold it when we moved from VT to FL last year. I could not get comfortable using it. I felt like I was always leaning forward which was not comfortable and a bit hard on my back. I’m wondering if I was using it correctly. I like the idea of not having a big heavy quilt sitting in my lap while I’m quilting. And I LOVE the quilt you have in the hoop. It looks like there is a lot more stippling going on!

  4. Rose in VT says:

    The quilting is beautiful as usual. I use a hoop and sit behind the couch so I can prop it all up on the back of the couch. That way I don’t have the weight of the quilt in my lap. When I had one of those older floor hoops that weren’t height adjustable, I would take the hoop off the stand, and prop it and much of the quilt on top, without connecting it.
    Hugs to Teddy…

  5. Mary says:

    I have the same Grace hoop as well and love it. I have the smaller hoop which is more comfortable for my size. Like that it is square. The Hinterberg that I had was the large hoop and was hard to get to the center. Enjoy your new purchase.

  6. Ann says:

    What a great buy! I have an older model Grace frame with the same size hoop. It’s wonderful and I like that the quilt can be positioned so that straight grain and cross grain are kept in order…no accidentally stretching the bias like on a round hoop; and it can be tilted and spun around to quilt in any direction, unlike the full size frame. I support the larger quilts on a chair or ottoman…of course, Teddy can snuggle better if it’s piled on the floor. : )))) Have mine for years and never got around to staining!

    • timquilts says:

      it was a good deal… far I really like it…and Teddy seems to approve as well….I always turn and turn the quilt as I work ….so this one is perfect for that….I have a full sized frame and I just cant get the hang of not being able to turn the work

  7. Ellen Heath says:

    I have the same Grace hoop. I’m fairly small, and I am comfortable with the smaller size. My cat, Dewey, as in Melville, believes that it is his private tent when loaded with a quilt. I’ll try to get a photo. Enjoy it!

  8. jojo says:

    Hey Tim. I have the 24 inch hoop (brand new) and will trade you for the 22 inch one if you decide the larger one would be more ideal for you.

  9. Karin Peirce says:

    I have never tried quilting with a hoop, maybe I’ll try that sometime. My favorite picture is the one of Teddy looking swell with that beautiful quilt in the background.

  10. Your quilting in the applique quilt looks yummy! As for the hoop, it looks ideal, especially as it is square, and it turns! I did have a Hinterberg for a while, but my back protested too much. Now I shall have to save up for one of these. I have just found out that they are sold in the UK…;o)
    Teddy looks as if to say “I thought it might have something to do with quilting.” Lovely photo!

  11. Barbara Wellman says:

    That’s a super hoop stand!

  12. Bertha Mallard says:

    I bought the Grace Hoop2 last year at the Houston IQS. I have a smaller hoop size than you–my arms are short. I love my hoop and get lots more quilting done now that I don’t have to hold the hoop and the quilt. I must say that a part broke within days of my starting to use the hoop. I called the Grace Company and they shipped the new part immediately. I’ve had no other problems with the hoop. I didn’t stain my frame because I couldn’t wait to start quilting on it.

  13. Ann says:

    Oh Tim, Please do a tutorial on how you finish it. I had an issue with the hardware in the beginning (bolt and tightner). The Grace Company stands behind their products.-took care of it promptly and never had a problem since….guess why they have been around so long.

  14. Louise Jackson says:

    Hi Tim,
    I invested in the same hoop from Grace Company and I love it. I haven’t coated mine with anything yet but might in the future. I like that you can turn your hoop and also tilt it towards you. Great little rig. I have the 18 inch square hoop like yours, makes it great for corners too.!
    I Enjoy your blog and seeing all your quilts. Man your fast….
    A pat for Teddy, my Jett and Tuc say hi. (Border Collies)

  15. Sandra B says:

    I use a hoop that is attached to a stand that sits in my lap. I have used it for years. It tilts, and I can turn the whole thing easily as I work. And with the stand, there is a little air flow, so even with a large quilt, it doesn’t get so hot. I must say that I like the looks of your new hoop, though…May have to check that out.
    You know I love that appliqué quilt. It’s looking great! That color combination is timeless!!
    And Teddy looks so handsome!

    • timquilts says:

      It sure is a great top… belongs to a friend ….and I know she is anxious to see it finished…..the more I do the more I love it. I might need to do a reproduction of it

  16. Elizabeth White says:

    Rather than stain and varnish for your frame, you might consider an oil finish (a drying oil specifically for furniture). There are many oils that contain some color. I have used bright blue and several wood tomes. You do need to wait a few days for the oil to dry. After that you can oil again for more color, etc. I just like the feel of oil finished wood.

  17. Pamela says:

    Nice frame. You may want to seal the wood because acids in the wood can cause damage to your quilts. Stains and oils used on the wood can also do the same unless they are sealed.

  18. suzette shoulders says:

    Tim, I looked at the block when you started making your ‘Luxury Essentials’ top, and knew it would be perfect for a baby quilt I am piecing. I am using a ‘Tula Pink’ print with the cutest raccoon in the center of each block, and bright colors around. When I finish it , I will send you the photo of it! Suzette in Oregon

  19. char says:

    The hoop is EXTRA now?? Maybe I should pick up a smaller one as I found the 24″ one kind of cumbersome. My grace frame hoop is plastic–is this one wood like the rest of the frame??


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