I finished the Luxury Essentials quilt.

Here it is after the hand quilting was done.


Teddy Had to test it out


But he lost interest when I got out the ruler and rotary cutter to trim it….


I used almost every last bit of the fabric in the fat quarter bundle


But I saved 3 for the binding.   I cut the binding strips at 2.5 inches


And here it is bound


It is fresh out of the dryer after it had a good washing.    I used cotton batting so it has that crinkled look from the shrink which I love.

DSCN5215 DSCN5214

Here is the back.


I started this one on Nov 17  ….see that post here

Here is a post about the quilting  which I started on Dec 1

and here is one about how to make the block

I am really happy with the finished quilt!
Now back to work on some of the others


Happy Quilting


20 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. I am amazed that you did this so quickly! And it is really beautiful with that binding. Teddy just looks so good on all those colours!

  2. Patty Gal says:

    This really turned out nice. The binding is the perfect frame and sets the colors off so well. I like the crinkled up effect, too And most importantly, the colors really suit Teddy in his Christmas scarf! Merry Christmas Tim and Teddy!

  3. Rose in VT says:

    I always consider a quilt successful if I like the back as well as the front – great job!

  4. audrey says:

    You are so fast! Congrats on another great finish. Perfect time of the year to enjoy it too.:)

  5. suzette shoulders says:

    You are SO SPEEDY! Wow! And your quilting is great! I don’t usually like light -colored bindings, but I think it is perfect for this quilt , brings it together with the block centers, and sets off the darker colors. You must accomplish so much in a year!

  6. Kristen says:

    So, what is our count for 2014, Tim? And are any others going to be finished up before December 31?

    • timquilts says:

      I lost count 🙂 I will do a “year in review” post before the 31’st I have several in progress but they are not going to make it to the finish line before the 31’st ….this one had such simple quilting and big stitching that it took very little time….the others take that much time for one or 2 blocks…..will be quilting lots in the next few days I hope… will see

  7. Neame says:

    Lovely quilt. As others have remarked, very nice binding that is the perfect frame. Bet this is a cuddler quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  8. chris says:

    I agree – love the crinkled look after washing. Nice and cozy and cuddly, like the quilt on my bed when I was growing up. Merry Christmas, Tim! and Teddy!

  9. Cheryl says:

    I really like this one (I like every quilt you have shown) I think it is the classic beauty combining a sort of antique and modern look and the light binding really does make the colors pop! Congratulations on another finish, Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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