Back to work

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  I spent a bit of time on-line shopping today….using a few gift cards.
Now I am back to work on quilting. I promise I will do a UFO post in the next few days…..There are many 😉

I have 10 blocks finished on the current project


10 more to go and then pieced borders.

I have about a million Ideas for new quilts.   I am thinking about doing a redwork embroidery project.

I have a collection of vintage blocks, here are a few  (click pictures to enlarge)

They are great inspiration, but I plan to draw my own using a Holiday Theme


Happy Quilting


14 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. That sounds like a wonderful project. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I also very much look forward to your UFO post. It might ease my conscience…. And the colours of the new blocks look very attractive.

  2. Jan in Nebraska says:

    I love redwork! Those vintage blocks are wonderful.
    I always enjoy your posts, although I don’t comment much. Very inspiring and interesting. Thanks, Tim!

  3. Mrs. Plum says:

    Only a million ideas for new quilts, Tim?

  4. darlynn says:

    love vintage red work. a few years ago, on ebay, i purchased a whole cloth state birds red work to be embroidered. i hate to cut it apart. the challenge will be to put a muslin back on the piece and then embroider whole. (i like to put fabric in back before embroidering. makes for a more finished looks and hides when i get lazy and hop from place to place) looking forward to your design…..

  5. Jo le Cheminant says:

    I love the old redwork designs. I look forward to seeing your new designs. Jo in Australia.

  6. Deb says:

    Just love the red work tea kettle!! Your currant project is a beauty! Wonderful colors.

  7. Glennis Salls says:

    I love the red embroidery Tim. It is so fresh and has a personality of it’s own.


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