Applique Kit Quilt

I few weeks ago I posted about a vintage applique quilt kit that I purchased.

DSCN5262 DSCN5261 DSCN5260

I wanted a break from piecing and hand quilting so I started to work on the applique.


I am not one to follow instructions so I am doing the applique with a blanket stitch rather than a blind stitch.   I am still turning under all the raw edges because I don’t want any fraying but for this quilt I just like the look of the stitches.

I have 3 more corners to do and the large center medallion but Good progress and a nice change.

It is hard to see in the picture but the top is marked with faint dots to indicate the hand quilting pattern.    I will follow those lines but I will also add quite a bit more hand quilting.    I just don’t think I could feel right about quilting it so sparsely. (sparse for me anyway)

There has been a lot of interest in the P&B Textiles fabric giveaway. So far 280 entries.

Here are the fabrics

port city one nation fantasy garden DSCN5343

To enter visit this post and write a comment.   Your comment is your entry.  Only one entry per person please.  winners will be selected by random number generator on Monday Jan 12

Currently in Lansing it is 4 degrees,  4ºF = -15.556ºC, and the windchill is -15,   -15ºF = -26.111ºC

It is cold ….and I am happy to be inside working on a quilt 🙂

Happy Quilting



27 thoughts on “Applique Kit Quilt

  1. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    I hope you have Teddy covered up with a nice quilt…I’d hate to have him get a chill with these brutal temps 😊

  2. Rose in VT says:

    That’s about what it is here too. Too cold! But it’s warm indoors, especially with a quilt on my lap…Give Teddy a hug.

  3. Kathy says:

    Are you using embroidery thread for the blanket stitching? Next on my to do list is an applique quilt kit. I like the blanket stitch also. I was thinking the marked quilting lines are far apart, but didn’t think about (coloring outside the lines) adding more quilting to it, great idea. Only 70 more days till spring!

  4. Deb says:

    The appliqué looks great!! Keep warm!

  5. I am a huge fan of buttonhole stitching for folk art type applique quilts. I think it is a great tradition, especially for this kit quilt.

  6. Jo le Cheminant says:

    Sydney Australia is having another brilliant sunny day 28c – 30c degrees expected. I prefer the cooler weather and being forced to stay inside and quilt sounds perfect to me!

  7. Ann Kolpin says:

    I love seeing your work. But disappointed with kits like this because their background fabric is so fine and transparent. Wouldn’t it be nice for us if the people who do these kits would use a higher quality background fabric. But I suppose we can really do with it as we please. Always love seeing your work. You are an inspiration to all of us. Blessings to you.

    • timquilts says:

      I really prefer a thinner fabric, it makes hand quilting so much easier. I am a big fan of muslin for that reason and use it for backing fabrics and in piecing when I need white or of white.

  8. Judy Dietrich says:

    I like your appliqué stitch on these pieces. This is not a common one that you see on eBay. The floss gives it a very fun feel-with just a little shine or sparkle. I need to get one out to work on soon. Nice night to stay in and stitch!!

    • timquilts says:

      I think that is why I bought it….I hadn’t seen it before so it seems less common…I do always wonder how many of these kits never got made…or got started and never finished

  9. JudieBee says:

    Lovely. I don’t comment most times on your posts but I want you to know I look forward to receiving the email that tells me you’ve posted. I never miss it. Lovely, lovely blog. Thank you. I have decided to submit an entry to the AQSG basket quilt study. Thank you for your inspiration.


    Hiya! a non-sewing comment: I’ve just learnt where Lansing is- very much on the northern part of the country. No wonder it’s so cold! I have lived in cold cities (Canberra in the ACT- Australia), we only had -7 C as the coldest at night, to a 2C during the day. 20 yrs ago we moved to warm Brisbane (like Florida). I have learnt so much from you- please keep at it, thanks!

  11. Carla says:

    Just wondered what thread you are using to do your button hole stitch? I love that look!

  12. bjlpyle says:

    I love your quilting! You inspire me to continue trying to practice my hand quilting.

  13. Vicki says:

    At 44°C last week and currently 30°C right now I wish it was a bit cooler here for quilting, especially when I need to press seams.

  14. Siobhan says:

    A friend was give a kit like this by her grandmother. When my friend told her she would now have to take a class to learn to applique her grandmother said,”it isn’t hard sweetie you just follow the lines!”

    I think of them whenever I see these kits!


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