Helper Teddy

I worked on the Fantasy Garden quilt today.

I had 10 fat quarters of fabric. (Fantasy Garden by P&B Textiles)


I came up with this block design


I wanted to be able to keep the large-scale prints in pretty large pieces.
here are 12 blocks in no particular order.


I made 4 more today and that will be it for this one.   10 fat quarters gave me enough fabric to make 16 blocks.   I do have some of the fabric leftover and that will become a border.

All those 1/2 square triangles make for a big pile of trimmed off points.


Teddy wanted to help me arrange the blocks.


we decided on this


And here it is all joined together


Right now it is only about 40 inches square.   I think it will be a wall hanging quilt 🙂

Check back soon to see it with borders.

And of course the hand quilting will follow.

The last day to enter the Fabric Giveaway is Sunday Jan 11.   This line of fabrics is one of the prizes.   Here is the link to enter:

Happy Quilting



18 thoughts on “Helper Teddy

  1. Sharon in Galesburg says:

    It’s beautiful…….fabric is gorgeous…….Teddy is handsome.

  2. Deb says:

    Like the scrap pile , it’s pretty was all the colors mixed together! The top reminds me of my peach tree when it’s full of hanging fruit. It breathes summer!

  3. Dot says:

    I like the block arrangement. I was worrying about those black center squares!

  4. Heather Macmillan Griffin says:

    Hi Tim : I sent you an email over the holidays which I wonder if you actually received or not. It was asking whether you ever do whole cloth quilting for clients? I had forwarded the photo of the quilt I was interested in having a quote of you providing and quilting the entire project from your Pinterest account I believe, and, I guessed that had not been sent. I was trying to send a private email and did not want it to be public on your other site.

    When your update came in today, it reminded me I had not yet heard and that I wanted to again reach you to ask for a quote.

    I look forward to looking further into the possibility…..



  5. Carla says:

    Love those fabrics. I have never worked with a large scale print. Looks like fun.

  6. Dirinda says:

    Teddy did a great job arranging the squares! Looks great

  7. Rosalie Roberts says:

    This set of fabrics is beautiful and I love the block you have created with the large print taking charge. It will be so striking when completed. Always love seeing how you quilt them and love seeing Teddy Helping.

  8. annette jacob says:

    Absolutely splendiferous! And I know you couldn’t have done it
    without dear Teddy :-).

    If you ever sell it, let us readers know!

  9. Lorij says:

    So pretty!
    Teddy looks pleaded with himself:)

  10. Rose in VT says:

    I hope you’re going to put that colorful little pile of triangles in a clear glass ornament to hang on your Christmas tree next time. It would look great with your icicles!
    Love how that top came together.


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