Fantasy Garden Finished

I finished the Fantasy Garden quilt.

This started as 10 fat quarters From P&B Textiles


I wanted a block that would allow me to keep the large scale prints in larger pieces. so this is what I decided on


with the fabric I had I was able to make 16 blocks


I added a white inner border and used up all the leftover fabrics in a pieced border


I used white fabric for the backing and Hobb’s Tuscany Wool batting…here it is layered and ready to hand quilt


I did outline stitching for the quilting, in the large squares I outlined the flowers and leaves, and for the triangles I quilted around each one.


After had quilting I washed it and dried it ( in the machine) and this made the quilting show more because of the shrinkage.   I did not prewash the fabrics for the top. I almost always do but in this case I did want some shrink after quilting so I didn’t prewash those, but I did prewash the backing.   So here it is after washing.  (Click pictures to enlarge)

The hand quilting really shows now.


even more on the back.


While the quilt was in the dryer Teddy took a nap


as soon as he hears the camera turn on he wakes up


and is ready to pose


This was a fun quilt to make.   I normally do not use large-scale prints and I had some concerns that it would be too much.  I think it worked, I love the result.

Now on to another UFO or 2 or 3

Happy Quilting


45 thoughts on “Fantasy Garden Finished

  1. annette jacob says:

    Tim, why did you put the quilt in the dryer?

  2. Kristen says:

    Yay! The first Tim Latimer quilt of 2015! I would have the same concerns for the busyness, but it’s well balanced and it works. the texture is terrific.

  3. Catherine Silling says:

    hi Tim, I have so enjoyed your blog these last many months. are you aware of the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta, held this year in May? out off towners enter things and I am sure we would love to have a quilt to display of yours! for more info: It is a wonderful show and gets some lovely entries.

  4. Vicki W says:

    Your quilt is lovely!

  5. Neame says:

    Lovely. Bet is is soft and cuddly. What are the finished dimensions?

    Teddy is a hoot!

  6. kemosabaycampground says:

    Another lovely finish. Now I am off to also work on a UFO.

  7. Deb says:

    I see Teddy had to quick grab his bone for this picture taking. 🙂 I love this little quilt! It would be perfect to drap over a porch white rocker for summer appeal.

  8. Mrs. Plum says:

    Congratulations on your finished quilt, Tim. Love the fabrics and love how it turned out. You did a terrific job. And, of course, Teddy looks so handsome!

  9. Beautiful. I love how the colours work together. Teddy knows how to make a good picture even better ;o))

  10. Dirinda says:

    It’s wonderful….I’m a big fan of bright colors so it really appeals to me.
    Has Teddy ever NOT liked one of your quilts enough to sit on it?

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks! when I first got Teddy he was afraid to get on the quilts, when I told him it was OK he was still hesitant for a while, but once I started taking pictures of him while he was sitting on them he decided that it is his job, He does like some more than others, and I can tell because he sits on them even when the camera is put away. quilts with circles are his favorites, I have several vintage and antique tops that he doesn’t like, at least hasn’t tried to sit on, but once I start quilting them he changes his mind

  11. Rose in VT says:

    Beautiful job! Teddy really knows how to relax, and how to celebrate a new finished quilt!

  12. helen says:

    Beautiful quilt and a perfect border!
    Best wishes!

  13. JanineMarie says:

    This is beautiful, Tim. I really like how the flower petals puffed up with the shrinkage. I’m doing a little informal research on shrinkage in quilts (because I’m getting ready to make a very large quilt that needs to fit a particular bed) and am trying to keep track of trends in shrinkage for various battings (with and without prewashed fabrics). Do you keep track of the dimensions of your quilts pre- and post-washing/drying? I would be interested in knowing a sampling of measurements you have. I do follow your posts but can’t remember if you give both pre-and post measurements for the quilts you make. (I know there are a lot of variables that affect shrinkage but am trying to build a collection of info that will help me make better decisions when I have to make a quilt a particular size.) Thanks!

  14. Angela says:

    I love how the texture shows now, would like to touch it. A burst of spring, which is welcome today as it snows.
    Teddy takes his responsibilities very seriously, he knows when is time to work. Give him a hug on my behalf, please.

  15. Louise Bernier says:

    “Fantasy Garden” quilt is gorgeous, Tim!!! Colors are just beautiful!!! I have a lot of large scale print fabrics, but never thought to use them in a quilt!!! Now I have a challenge!!!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks! I have always been reluctant to use large scale prints in a quilt….I am glad I gave it a go….I might have to try another…..Have fun with yours! it really is fun to see how they come together

  16. annetisell says:

    Really marvellous Tim,as a flower tragic,I adore this quilt!

  17. Andrew says:

    That’s just an impressive piece of work. Looking forward to see what you do next.

  18. Martha Caterino says:

    Like the big motifs outlined…I find that fun to quilt around.
    Hoped to quilt today but got an unplanned visit from grandkids
    But I think that everybody will be snowed in tomorrow!

  19. chris says:

    it is crazy busy but i love it. it’s gorgeous.

  20. Lorij says:

    It’s very, very pretty. You did a wonderful job.
    Teddy lives the life, eat, sleep, go to groomer and have photos taken. WoW, it doesn’t get much better than that :)!

  21. audrey says:

    Very fun quilt! It’s so interesting to work on something a little out of the ‘norm’ once in awhile. You did a fabulous job as usual!

  22. Anne Kasten says:

    this is such an exciting quilt! lots of energy and endlessly fascinating to look at
    and, then, of course, there is your work ethic.
    I think I need to move to a place with a real winter.


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