Quilting Begins

Lots of snow yesterday….and lots of shoveling today.  Here is a view out the window this evening.


I got the applique kit quilt basted tonight.

As always I tacked the backing to the floor then layered the batting then the top


I go a box of chocolate for Christmas and it was really good.  The tin it came in now holds pins.


Here it is pinned


and here is the first bit of hand quilting.


The lines are all pre-marked so it is rather mindless, sometimes that is just what I need 🙂

Happy Quilting


15 thoughts on “Quilting Begins

  1. Cheryl says:

    I just love, love, love this appliquéd beauty. Here in St. Paul we didn’t get so much as a snowflake. Expect to see some fluffy whit stuff tomorrow.

  2. Angela says:

    How do you mark the lines, Tim?
    We had some snow here, too. I bet Teddy is cuddling under his quilt.

  3. darlynn says:

    don’t you love snow days? you progressed with the applique quite speedily!
    got me a snow week!
    life is good

  4. Sandra Styve says:

    I also hate the snow. Groundhog willie here in ontario canada says there is only 6 more weeks of winter so if he doesn’t see his shadow, there is another month and half till spring. Lol. I love that applique pattern. How close approximitly did you place your pinning. I am doing hand quilting on a quilt that I started 3 yrs. ago and I just basted it from corner to corner , across the middle width ways and fromtop bottom in the middle. I don’t feel that I didn’do it rite.because the backing did not get pulled tight enough. I had done some quiltig on it when I first started as I was a greenie when I started to hand quilt it. I dont want to start over on it again . It is going to be only a practice peice . My stitching is doing so much more evenly spaced now and I think the stitching is almost perfect. I’m not bragging but the stitching is 100% I provement . Thank you so very much for being an example and in pursuit of tradition and in pursuit of perfection . Keep sending updates of your progress. I look forward to seeing you and teddy . Sandra styve

    • timquilts says:

      I guess the pis are about a foot apart, I never measure as I place them and it seem the more I do the less pins I use. But the backing must be tight before pinning to do it

  5. Angela says:

    Snow is the poor man’s fertilizer. Perfect for quilters, too. Is there a better excuse to stay home quilting?

    • timquilts says:

      but it also causes car accidents, sore backs from shoveling, damage to the landscape from all the salt they put on the roads, cold feet for the dog….lots of things to make me prefer to not have snow…a good blanket of snow does protect the garden over the winter

  6. Carolyn in Maine says:

    Using blue to quilt is a lovely touch. I enjoy your eclectic taste in quilts – some are old-fashioned, others look very modern, but it’s always nice to watch you make them. I learn a lot from your blog.
    And it’s amazing what you can tuck in little tins and boxes! Like your chocolate tin, I’ve used Altoids tins for pins, needles, buttons, lots of stuff!

    • timquilts says:

      Thanks……I do guess I pretty much love all styles of quilts……working on this one makes me want to do another very traditional….maybe next one of the vintage or antique tops in my collection….then i will have to go back to something a bit non traditional….Altoid box is a good idea….I think my pins would be perfect in that

  7. Ginney says:

    This is going to be pretty. I like that you’re quilting it in blue.


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